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Brother SE600 Unboxing and Set Up ( & How to Use with Silhouette CAMEO)

I jumped on the embroidery bandwagon during the pandemic after dusting off my 20+ year old sewing machine to make masks.

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I was one of the lucky ones to pick up a Brother SE600 from Swing Design before sewing and embroidery machines became impossible to find. I did also find the Brother SE600 on Amazon!
Now that they're finally back in stock I'm sharing this Brother SE600 unboxing and embroidery machine set up.   Plus I have some ideas on how to use an embroidery machine with a Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait machine.

Originally I planned to wait to do a live unboxing for the Brother SE 600 embroidery and sewing machine, but it was just taking way too long.  I wanted to get to know this machine so that I could put together some beginner embroidery machine tutorials. So...I recorded the unboxing and spent the last few months learning how to use this entry level embroidery machine with a 4x4" hoop.

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I'm glad I did as there are not a lot of unboxing or Brother SE600 set up videos. So here’s me unboxing first Brother embroidery machine!

I’ll be following with full beginner tutorial next week on how to set up your Brother SE600 and SE800.

In the meantime here are six beginner machine embroidery tutorials to get you started:

First Machine Applique Embroidery Project with Silhouette CAMEO and Brother SE600
How to Open Embroidery Files in Silhouette Studio to Cut with CAMEO
Combining HTV and Embroidery with Rip Away Applique  
Cutting Embroidery Applique Files with Silhouette CAMEO (for Beginners)
How to Open Embroidery Files Directly on an Embroidery Machine
How to Machine Embroider and Applique a Dish Towel

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  1. I have this machine and love it. I do use it for embroidery more than sewing, it does a beautiful button hole stitch. Also very affordable for a beginner.


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