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New Silhouette Studio V4.4 Features and Tutorials

Silhouette Studio V4.4 has been released with a set of new Silhouette Studio features.

PNG Auto Trace, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, New Features, Print Preview, Smart Snapping

There are three new features in this version of the software that may tempt you to update including a game changing PNG auto trace feature and a list of bug fixes. However, be aware there are still some outstanding bugs that you should be aware of before you jump in. 
In addition to Silhouette Studio now auto-tracing imported PNG files, a print preview has added, and there is a new smart snapping design feature. 

PNG Auto Trace in Silhouette Studio

No longer will you get the red square cut line around PNG files you import into Silhouette Studio if you use Silhouette Studio V4.4. Instead, PNGs with a transparent background will be auto-traced. 

PNG, Auto Trace, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette 101

The change eliminates the need to trace PNGs in Silhouette Studio to create a cut line.  

Remember in previous versions of Silhouette Studio when PNG files were imported the cut line looks like this...causing a lot of confusion for users who did not understand they needed to trace to create the cut lines.

PNG, Auto Trace, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette America Blog
Read more on how to automatically trace PNG designs in Silhouette Studio.

Print Preview in Silhouette Studio

In Silhouette Studio V4.4 anytime you click the Print icon, you will get a print preview of your printable page before the page is sent to your home printer. 

The benefit is you can hopefully catch any issues with your print. For example, in the print preview it's obvious that the bottom registration mark is cut off and will not print. You can fix this type of error before printing.

Print Preview, Print and Cut, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, Studio v4.4

The biggest drawback to the Print Preview in Silhouette Studio is there's no option to turn it off and it can be frustratingly slow to load the preview.

Smart Snapping

A new alignment-type option, called Smart Snapping, can now be toggled on and off.  The Smart Snapping option is found in the Page Set Up Panel in the Grid tab. When you turn on Smart Snapping and have multiple designs in the work area, these blue lines will appear to help you quickly see when the various designs are aligned in different ways.

Smart Snapping, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, Studio v4.4, New Features

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  1. Thank you for the post and helpful information! What are the bugs? Or is there somewhere they are already listed/explained?

  2. Can this update be applied to my current software (Designer Edition 4.3) or do I have to upgrade again?

  3. Is one of the bugs of the 4.3 Business Edition that Silhouette keeps crashing in the middle of designing? I am saving every 2-3 minutes because it keeps crashing. Never had this problem until working with 4.3

    1. I had the same problem in BE wit 4.3. I upgraded to 4.4, no problem so far.

  4. Mine keeps on crashing, also and I see many people on Facebook having the same problem. I have 4.3, but not the business addition. PLEASE tell us, Melissa, this is fixed in 4.4!!!!!!!!


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