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Kiss Cut Stickers on Silhouette CAMEO 3 or CAMEO 4

You've probably heard the term "kiss cut" when it comes to making print and cut stickers on your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.

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If you're not sure what that means or how to get a kiss cut - I've got the answer for you today!

A kiss cut is a cut made on a lined material such as sticker paper. A line material has two layers: the material and the liner. A kiss cut is achieved when the cut only goes through the material later leaving the liner uncut.

A full cut - to make a sticker sheet, for example, would go through both the sticker material and the liner.

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The trick to perfectly kiss cut stickers or vinyl decals is making sure you have the right Silhouette cut settings - specifically blade depth and force.

As you know there are lots of options for materials, but there are hardly any standards for material thickness. For that reason, if you one brand of sticker paper one time and another brand of sticker paper on your next project you may not always be able to get a kiss cut on your first try without testing a whole bunch of cut settings.

print and cut, sticker paper, kiss cut, stickers, printable materials

That's why I always stick with Online Labels sticker sheets. There are, of course, lots of different types of Online Labels materials, but once I find the perfect cut settings I create a custom material setting in Silhouette Studio and never think about cut settings again.

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Here are the best Silhouette Cut Settings to get perfect kiss cut stickers on five of my favorite Online Labels materials.

Printable White, Matte
Blade 2, Force 14, Speed 8, 1 Pass

Printable White, Glossy
Blade 3, Force 20, Speed 4, 1 Pass

Printable White Weatherproof
Blade 2, Force 14, Speed 4, 1 Pass

Clear Printable
Blade 3, Force 20, Speed 4, 1 Pass

Brown Kraft Sticker Sheets
Blade 3, Force 30, Speed 3, 1 Pass

print and cut, sticker paper, kiss cut, stickers, matte sticker paper

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  1. Are the settings the same for my Cameo 2?

  2. Is the blade to the number on the auto blade?

  3. How big of a part does the speed setting play in how the stickers cut? I've usually focussed on the blade, force and pass. Thanks :)

    1. Hi there! Speed is especially important when you're cutting detailed designs or specialty materials. With kiss cutting stickers, as long as it's a fairly simple cut, speed shouldn't be an issue.

  4. When I use the settings with the same paper from online labels, parts of the kiss cut cut all the way through. Should it do that? Cameo 3.

    1. Make sure there isn't anything in your blade and that your mat is perfectly clean! Otherwise it can cause areas to cut unevenly.

  5. Hello! I have force 1, pass 1 and blade 1 and it still gives me a full cut!

    1. If you're using an autoblade make sure that the red line is moving when the machine is tapping!


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