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Silhouette Sketch Pens Leaving Lines: 4 Fixes for a Perfect Sketch

If your Silhouette Sketch pens are leaving lines there are a couples of ways to fix it to get the perfect sketch.

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It seems that the large majority of the complaints about the Silhouette sketch pens not working are related to the CAMEO 4. But if you are having this same drag line issue and you are using a CAMEO 3 or other machines, you can also try these four tips to help fix the issue.

In combination, these four adjustments should help stop the Silhouette sketch pens from leaving lines on your projects.

First, slightly lift the pen or sketch pen adapter so there's a small gap. This goes against everything I always say about making sure here is no gap when the tool is inserted into the tool carriage. But in this case you need to lift the pen slightly.

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All the other adjustments should be made in Silhouette Studio.

Change the action to Sketch, but reduce the force to 4.

Slow the speed to 4

Increase the passes to 2.

This video explains in-depth how to make all of these changes to prevent Silhouette Sketch Pens leaving lines where you don't want them.

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  1. The dragging happens on my Cameo 3 also, so thanks for the tips. I'll give them a try.

  2. I had this on my cameo 4 and discovered the type of paper made a difference. Thicker paper with a shine had worse results, good quality printer paper had the best. I hope this helps and I will also try lifting the pen a little.
    Thank you
    P.s. I upgraded from a sizzix big shot plus and would have been LOST without you Melissa. HUGE thanks, please stay safe and well, all of you xxx

  3. I believe I figured out the ultimate problem with pen dragging. It is the bend in the carrier sheet which pushes up the paper slightly. If the carrier is perfectly flat not hanging off the machine. Then there is no drag. No need to put the pen up, change the force or speed. You need to hold it flat or support the carrier somehow.

  4. This worked beautifully! Thank you


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