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Silhouette Crafting with Kids: CAMEO Projects to Survive Social Distancing

Silhouette crafting with kids isn't something I usually talk about in the middle of the school year..but we're in extraordinary times right now.

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Kids craft ideas are in high demand while we are all holed up at home right now doing our part to stop the spread.

In an effort to help you (and save my own sanity with my kids home for the foreseeable future),  I'm sharing some kids crafts with Silhouette as well as doing daily (hopefully) Facebook Lives on Silhouette School's Facebook page around 12pm EST.

To get you started I've pulled together some Silhouette kids craft ideas, free cut files, videos and step by step Silhouette how to's for all age kids to get you started!

Kids Craft Supply List 

A lot of the craft supplies you'll need you probably already have like paper, vinyl, and HTV, but I did put together a kids craft supply list on Amazon for you to make it easy (and NOT essential for you to go out to the store - PLEASE stay home.)

Kids Crafts, Kids, Silhouette for kids, supply list, kids projects

Silhouette CAMEO Kid Projects & Craft Ideas

String Art with Silhouette 

Kids Crafts, Kids, Silhouette for kids, string art, string art crafts

Personalize Stuffed Animals with HTV (Iron or Heat Press)

Kids Crafts, Kids, Silhouette for kids, heat transfer vinyl, HTV

Vinyl Nail Decal Tips and Sizing Guidelines: Silhouette Tutorial

651, 651 vinyl, vinyl tutorial, nail decals, adhesive vinyl

Sublimation Sequin Pillows Tutorial (3 Steps!) 

If you don't have a sublimation printer you can use this method 

Kids Crafts, Kids, sequin pillow, sublimation printer, sublimation pillow

HTV 'Coloring Book-Style' Designs: A Silhouette Tutorial

Kids Crafts, Kids, coloring book style, HTV, heat transfer vinyl

Paper Pie Craft (Free Silhouette Studio Design) 

Change the color paper you use to make "cherry", "blueberry", "key lime" pie.

Kids Crafts, Kids, Silhouette for kids, paper craft, paper crafting

(Free) DIY Photobooth Props using PicMonkey and Silhouette

Kids Crafts, Kids, paper crafts, photobooth props, photo booth

Water Color Kids Art with Silhouette

Kids Crafts, Kids, Silhouette for kids, Water Colors, Water Color Art

Turn Kids Artwork Into Puzzles

Kids Crafts, Kids, Studio v4, puzzles, Artwork into puzzles

 DIY Girl and Doll Matching Shirts: Silhouette CAMEO Tutorial (Guest Post by Olivia, 8)

Kids Crafts, Kids, printable heat transfer, shirts, doll clothes

Paper Medallions and Paper Medallion Wreaths (Free Cut File)

Paper Medallions, Paper Wreaths, Paper crafting, Kids Crafts, Kids

Paper Quilling with Silhouette 

Tip: A bobby pin in a drill also works to the curl the paper 
Paper Crafts, Quilling, Paper Quilling, Kids, Silhouette for kids

 Wood Doll House and Peg People with Silhouette Clothes & Decor (Free Cut Files) 

Kids Crafts, Kids, free cut files, doll house, peg people

Library Book Bags with Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (Free Studio Cut Files)

(Giveaway has ended)

Kids Crafts, kids, book bag, glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl

How to Add HTV to a Camera Strap (Guest Post by Olivia, 7)

HTV, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Camera, Kids, Kids Crafts

More Silhouette CAMEO Projects for Kids

Kids Crafts, Kids, So Fontsy, CAMEO Projects for kids, Silhouette projects for kids

Kids Silhouette Studio Tutorials by Blake, 8

Check Out "The Blake Show" Playlist

Kids Studio Tutorials, The Blake Show, Silhouette Studio for Kids, Kids, Silhouette for kids

Silhouette School Video Tutorials with Kids 

Video Tutorials with Kids, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette School Videos, Silhouette for kids

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