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New Silhouette Products 2018: 3D Printer, But No New CAMEO

Silhouette America released its list of new Silhouette products for 2018 and the 3D Alta Printer tops the list.

The list of new products, tools, and partnerships was announced today at the company's annual Summit in Hawaii. Those holding their breath for a new Silhouette cutter will have to wait awhile longer as a new cutter was not among the new Silhouette 2018 products.
Silhouette actually first announced the launch of the Silhouette 3D printer a year ago, but the printer and the software have been in development.  The 3D Alta Printer is available for pre-order now from Swing Design. It will start shipping in June and will retail for $299.

Silhouette did not announce any other new machines for 2018 with the exception of four specialty glitter colors for the Silhouette CAMEO 3.  The original Silhouette CAMEO 3 was released in 2016 and there has not been an upgrade to the machine - outside of color - since.

A new Craft blade along with strong hold mats for both Silhouette CAMEO and Silhouette Portrait will be released later this year.  The Craft blade will be able to cut denser and thicker materials such as leather and felt.

Among the new Silhouette tools and accessories we'll see later this year - there will be a new pink tool kit, a pink light tote for the CAMEO 3 and a new dust cover for the Portrait 2. The pink tool and accessory line is in partnership with Silhouette's on going collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Silhouette will also release several new starter kits and specialty materials including a new Silkscreen starter kit, a doming starter kit (also first announced in 2017) and an epoxy resin set.

And finally, Silhouette announced it's now partnering with Oracal to co-brand certain colors in the Oracal 651 vinyl line.
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