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9 Ways to Make Word Art in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio is a pretty powerful design software....and while it may not seem obvious at first glance, there are quite a few ways to create word art in Silhouette Studio. 

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I've shared several Silhouette Studio Word Art tutorials over the years, but today I'm pulling them all together so you can see just how many different options there are.

Turn a Word Into a Shape

Want to turn a single word or a serious of letters into a shape? This Silhouette Studio tutorial for beginners will walk you through exactly how to use edit points and the modify tools to form letters into shapes. 

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Circle Monogram in Silhouette Studio 

You can create your own circle monogram using any font in Silhouette Studio by scaling letters, adjusting edit points and using the Cropping tool.

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Curving Text Around a Shape in Silhouette Studio

Want to curve text in Silhouette Studio or have it wrap around a circle or shape? That's called Text to Path and it's easy to do in Silhouette Studio, just follow this Silhouette Studio tutorial on Text to Path.

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Put Words into a Shape in Silhouette Studio

Using Text to Path in Silhouette Studio, it's easy to make a serious of words form a shape.  This Silhouette Studio tutorial for beginners will explain exactly how to use several words to form a shape.

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Use a Character or Word as a Path for Complex Text to Path

Once you've mastered text to path, use individual letters or words as the path to create beautiful script word art in Silhouette Studio

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 Change the Shape of a Word

Looking to change the shape of a word or individual letters in a word? This Silhouette Studio word art tutorial will teach you the simple trick to designing word art in Studio.

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Word Art Hack with Tracing

Having trouble getting the word art exactly how you want it in Silhouette Studio? It's not always easy given there the lack of actual word art tools.  Sometimes it's easiest to design in a software program that includes word art functions - like Powerpoint - and then trace in Silhouette Studio.

Designing Subway Art in Silhouette Studio 

Find out the tricks I use to easily design subway art in Silhouette Studio! It's really far easier than you'd think!

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Words Filling a Shape in Silhouette Studio

Looking to design a subway style word art within a shape? It's possible in Silhouette Studio using the Nesting tool.

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