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Silhouette Circle Monogram Tutorial (Your Font Choice!)

I've been asked more than once how to make a circle monogram in Silhouette Studio.  Sure, you can buy a circle monogram font...or you can make your own using the font of your choice.  There are about 10 steps involved here so just bare with me...I promise it's pretty easy just breaking it down!

First open up Silhouette Studio.  Click on the Draw a Circle tool (in blue on the left sidebar below) Hold down shift while you draw the circle.  This just ensures the circle is perfectly symmetrical.

Highlight the circle you just drew > Right Click > Duplicate.  Move the duplicate over to the side and out of the way.  You won't need it for a while.

Click on the text tool and type out your letters.  My last name starts with first: M and my middle: A so I typed MVA.   Go through your font list and pick the font you want to use.  You can pretty much pick any non-script font serif or sans serif, but I will tell you a sans serif font looks better, in my humble opinion.

I used font Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold

Once you've picked your font highlight your letters and ungroup them so you can maniuplate them each individually.

Working with each letter, select it and then use the square grabbers on each side and in the corners to make it taller and wider or thinner by pulling in and out up and down.  It may be easiest to work with the middle letter first so you can line it up in the middle.  Just pull enough most of the letter top and bottom are just slightly outside the circle.
It's okay if the side isn't completely filling the edge of the circle (as in the 'A' in the picture below) we'll fix that in a minute.

Once you've adjusted all the letters, select the letters and the circle...go to the modify window and click "Crop".

Now the outer edges of your letters and the circle have disappeared..but you're not quiet finished yet.

This is where you drag that duplicate circle over so you can work with it.  You're going to line up the circle with the cropped edges of the letters so you can adjust them one more time.

This time you're going to double click each letter individually until you get the edit points (the little dots on the "M"). 

Then drag the edit points down or up or over until each edge or point of the letter is just outside of the circle.  For example, for my 'A' I want to drag the right side outside of the circle....see how inthe screen shot above, it's straight.  We want it dragging the edit points to the right, this will give the right side the curved shape of the circle like in the picture below. Continue with all three letters until you have something that looks like this...

Highlight the circle and the letters one last time. Again, from the Modify window, click 'Crop'.

Ahhh...much better!

It's a good idea to group the remaining letters together so they don't get nudged out of place. 

That's all there is to making a circle monogram in Silhouette Studio.

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I did a few and they turned out great!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! I did a few and they turned out great!

  3. Mine isn't turning out well at all! My initials are CLS, so I think the curvy letters are making it super difficult. Any pointers? Thank you in advance!

  4. SAME S is hard and looks funny. sigh....

  5. Question.....on the part where it asks you to do the initial crop, you need to select the letters and the circle they are do you do that? I ended up selecting all, and I lost my extra circle.

  6. I have tried as well and I am having trouble my initials are JDC, does anyone have any pointers? Thank you in advance!

  7. I have a G and a B in my name...sooo hard!

  8. I tried this and when I hit crop all my letters disappear?

  9. Thank You! now to practice practice practice


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