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How To Use Sparkle Berry (Or Other) Patterned HTV

I don't know if you've noticed by Sparkle Berry Ink HTV and Vinyl is super hot right now with Silhouette crafters.  The most common question I get about working with patterned heat transfer vinyl is how to transfer it onto the surface.
sparkle berry vinyl, sparkle berry htv, silhouette cameo
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You guys - it's soooo easy! Want you to think of it like adhesive vinyl rather than HTV...all the way until you get to the point of applying heat.  And make sure you read to the end because I have a free cut file for you!
Let's walk through this together. I'm using the Mermaid Scale Curated bundle which includes the amazing Mermaid scale HTV along with four coordinating solid pieces of 12x12 Siser Easyweed! (BTW I'm super excited to say I curated this limited-time bundle myself along with the Featherly Bundle ...and you can grab them both this month over at Sparkle Berry Ink.)

coordinating patterned HTV with solids silhouette cameo tutorial

I am not usually an indecisive person, but I had a hard time deciding which solid color I wanted to use with the Mermaid Scale HTV because they all look so cute with the patterned heat transfer vinyl.

mermaid scale htv, silhouette cameo htv, silhouette cameo patterned htv no carrier sheet

To help me decide I filled my design with the pattern and then changed the color of 'mermaid' with blue, hot pink, and soft pink.

adding custom patterns to silhouette studio, adding patterns to silhouette studio

I ultimately decided to go with the blue (but the good news is there's plenty of the patterned HTV left so on another project I will definitely go with one of the pinks).

Once you're settled on the design and colors, you want to select the part of the design that will be cut on the solid Easyweed HTV and mirror it. DO NOT mirror the piece that is going to be cut on the patterned HTV.

The difference here - as we'll soon see - is the solid blue Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl has a clear carrier sheet while the Sparkle Berry Ink vinyl does not.

silhouette cameo patterned htv, pattern heat transfer vinyl coordinating solids bundles

When you're ready, send the solid part of the design to cut.  The default cut settings for Heat Transfer Vinyl - Smooth in Silhouette Studio should work just fine for you. Weed the design and set it aside for now.

silhouette cameo cutting htv, cutting heat transfer vinyl, how to cut htv

Now we're going to focus on cutting the patterned heat transfer vinyl. As I mentioned you want to treat this like regular adhesive vinyl - so don't mirror the image.

Pick HTV Smooth from the Material list in the Cut Settings.

silhouette cameo htv tutorial, how to cut patterned htv no carrier sheet

Place the Sparkle Berry patterned heat transfer vinyl on the mat with pattern side up to cut.   Before you cut, note where your design is in Studio and how it where it will cut on the patterned HTV. You can move the placement of the design in Studio if you want to cut a specific area.

Cutting patterned heat transfer vinyl no clear sheet without carrier

Send the design to cut. When it's finished cutting, weed away the excess vinyl.  This stuff is a breeze to weed! Probably easier than Easyweed actually!

best silhouette cut settings sparkle berry ink htv

The HTV design will be on a clear backing. BUT the adhesive is on the BACK of the patterened HTV so you need to use a transfer material to pick it up off the backing before applying to your shirt.

moving patterned htv no carrier sheet, heat transfer vinyl help

Cut a piece of HTV transfer tape - provided with all Sparkle Berry Ink heat transfer vinyl orders.

beginner tutorial patterned htv silhouette cameo

Remove the clear transfer sheet from its backing...

...and place it directly on top of the patterned HTV.  Use your scraper to burnish it.

clear carrier sheet silhouette cameo htv, how to pick up htv, move heat transfer vinyl

Peel away the clear transfer tape so the patterned heat transfer vinyl comes with exposing the heat-activated adhesive backing.

Place the design on the surface and apply with heat and pressure. Since I am pressing two layers of HTV I only pressed this first layer for half the time to help avoid any shrinking.

heat press patterned htv, silhouette cameo 3, silhouette cameo tutorials, silhouette cameo help

heat press teflon sheet, silhouette cameo 3, silhouette cameo help, do I need a heat press

After 10 seconds of heat at 305 - remove the carrier sheet.

Lay down the Easyweed HTV design...cover with the teflon sheet and apply more heat for 20 seconds.

pressing multiple colors htv heat press, silhouette cameo help, sparkle berry heat transfer vinyl

Remove the clear carrier sheet from the Easyweed design and flip the shirt inside out.  Press again for about 20 seconds. This pulls the adhesive further into the shirt. 

silhouette cameo heat press, press from inside, sihouette cameo patterned htv

You'll know you have a great seal on your patterned heat transfer vinyl (and Easyweed) when you can see the grains of the fabric through the vinyl.

silhouette cameo htv peeling heat press patterned vinyl sparkle berry

Look how cute!!! By the way I have already washed and dried this shirt with no bleeding, fading or peeling issues!

And because I know going to want to get right to cutting this adorable design, I'm offering the Silhouette Studio file to you as a free download.

Mermaid scale patterned heat transfer vinyl

And while I don't normally make things for myself...I could not resist the Featherly HTV Bundle!! I made myself a workout tank ...

Peacock feather heat tranfer vinyl design for Silhouette CAMEO, heat press, htv

....and I put it on one of my Silhouette CAMEO dust covers.

If you want to get your hands on some of this fabulous patterned Sparkle Berry heat transfer vinyl head on over and grab these awesome curated bundles with make it super easy to coordinate your patterned HTV with solids!  You can get the Mermaid Scale Curated Bundle here and the Featherly HTV Bundle here for a limited time only.

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  1. Thank you! I just received my first order from Sparkle Berry and was unsure how to do this. Only problem is I only received one transfer sheet for the 6 printed sheets I received. Guess I will have plan really well! :)

  2. Thank you for the file

  3. This looks great, but I don't own a heat press. Can this be applied using an iron?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. I was just going to ask the same thing! Every youtube video I see uses a heat press.


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