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Silhouette Scratch Off Sticker Sheet Tutorial and Review (Free Cut File)

Is there anyone who doesn't love a scratch off?  I recently picked up some of the Silhouette Scratch Off Sticker Sheets and couldn't wait to put them to the test with my Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine.

silhouette cameo scratch off sticker sheet, diy scratch offs
They're a fun little surprise that are perfect for things like baby reveals or discount codes maybe even an advent calendar.  I decided to use the scratch off sticker sheets as a way to incentivize my kiddos....for things like chores around the house and random acts of kindness (RAK).  And I'm sharing the basic printable Silhouette Studio design with you so you can try it out!

Silhouette scratch off sticker tutorial review

Let's start in Studio to work through making your own DIY scratch off designs.  Start by creating or opening a design in Silhouette Studio that you will print.  Like I said, I am working on a chore chart-ish project.  Once printed, the top half of my box will remain visible, while the bottom will be covered with the scratch off sticker.
If any part of your printed sheet will need to be cut make sure you add registration marks to set up like a Silhouette print and cut.

Silhouette Studio, printable, design, diy stickers, scratch offs

After your printed design is set up in Silhouette Studio you'll need to work on making the shape that will be cut out of the scratch off sheet.  You can draw something simple like a circle, oval or rectangle with the drawing tools found on the left sidebar.
 In this case, I copied one of the boxes and then used the knife tool to splice it. The top half can be deleted while the bottom half will become the cut file for the scratch off piece.

Silhouette studio knife tool, silhouette cameo stickers, silhouette reviews tutorials

I filled it in with gray here just to visualize what it will look like once it's all put together.

silhouette cameo scratch off sticker cut settings

Replicate the shape for as many scratch off stickers as you need.

Move the scratch off designs to the side and print out your printable on card stock or sticker paper (this is not include with the Silhouette Scratch Off Sticker Sheets). Set it to the side while you work on cutting the scratch off sticker sheets.

silhouette studio printables, printing from silhouette studio, scratch off stickers

Move the scratch off design onto the virtual mat now. From the Cut Settings window turn on the cut lines and pick "Scratch Off Stickers" from the Material List.  The default cut settings work really well.

Load the scratch off sheet onto the cutting mat and into the machine.

Cut the design by clicking "Send to Cut" in Silhouette Studio. When it's finished cutting, unload the mat and material.

scratch off sticker paper silhouette cameo studio how to tutorials

If you are going to manually move the scratch off stickers, you do not need to weed away the excess.  You can simply peel the stickers up and place them over your printables.

I wanted to move the entire set of scratch offs together so I weeded away the excess scratch off material and used a clear transfer tape - the same transfer material that I use for vinyl - to move the stickers onto my printed paper.

If you use this process it's best to lay the transfer tape down onto the scratch off stickers then peel the backing away from the stickers.

Use the backing to protect the other surface while you line up the transfer. Then you can fully commit.

The transfer tape should easily peel away leaving the scratch off stickers behind.

I have to say I really love the Silhouette Scratch off Sticker sheets. They cut easily and scratch off just as you'd expect.

DIY scratch off sticker paper crafts silhouette cameo portrait tutorial

The only downside I see to the scratch off sticker sheets is they smell - and not just a little bit. There's a very strong chemical smell to them as soon as you open the package. Otherwise, I give the Silhouette Scratch off stickers a thumbs up!

Fun chore chart with scratch off sticker paper  silhouette cameo tutorial

If you're interested in making your own chore chart or some variation with the basic design, you can download the Silhouette Studio scratch off sticker cut file below.  Please remember, this is for personal use only. If you would like to share it -I'd love that! I just ask that you please share the link back o this tutorial rather than the direct link to the file or the file itself.

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