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Silhouette Studio for Windows PC: How to Install or Update the Free Software

Today we're going back to the fundamentals of using Silhouette Studio... how to install Silhouette Studio for PC. This is for both brand new Silhouette CAMEO beginners and for users who want or need to upgrade their software to a newer version.

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Knowing how to locate and install an update for Silhouette Studio is very useful, especially if you are new to the Silhouette world.  All new users will also need to install Silhouette Studio before they are able to use their new Silhouette cutting machine.

Silhouette School weekly contributor Becky Dykes from My Paper Craze is here today to explain this Silhouette CAMEO tutorial in baby steps! 

The first step to installing Silhouette Studio is to go to the Silhouette America website.  Click the Update Software button in the top header bar.  Remember: anytime you are downloading any type of software, be sure you are knowledgeable of the website and you have adequate virus software protection in place.
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The website will direct you to a list of the software updates that are available.  For the free basic version of Silhouette Studio that you need to run your Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, you will need the very first option: Silhouette the time of this writing the current version is V3.8.118.

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As you can see, there are other product downloads available, including Silhouette Connect, Mint Studio and Silhouette Link.  For whichever product you are downloading, you will follow along the row until you reach the Download Link and choose Windows or Mac.  Since I am using Windows, that is the link I will click on.
When you click the Windows download link, Microsoft Edge (internet browser) immediately pops-up with an option to download the .exe file.

Click Save.

The next option that displays, once the download is complete, is what to do with the file.
Click Run.

Windows will automatically populate the Silhouette Studio Setup Wizard.
Click Next to proceed.
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After choosing the location of the file installation, continue to select the prompts to set up the Silhouette Studio installation.  When the options have been chosen, go ahead and click Install to proceed.

While the software is installing, be sure not to restart or turn off your computer.  Allow the installation to progress until all files have been installed.
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Once the installation is complete, go ahead and launch Silhouette Studio on the PC to begin using your new, upgraded Silhouette Studio!

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