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The Husbands' Ultimate Silhouette Gift Giving Guide

The holidays are coming and all you want for Christmas is more Silhouette craft're trying to gently give the ol' hint, hint and winky, winky to the hubs (or mom or sis).  Well...let me just help you not beat around the bush! 

Presenting The Husbands' Ultimate Silhouette Gift Giving Guide.  You're welcome, ladies (and gents).

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The Ultimate Silhouette Gift Giving Guide is the only guide in The Ultimate Silhouette Guide series that is free and it's the only one created specifically for non-Silhouette users. It's also the only one that's 100% accessible right here on Silhouette School blog.

I'm gonna make this really easy for you - and him (or her). Not only am I going to give all my recommendations for the best Silhouette gifts right here on the blog, I'm also going to make it super easy for you to pass all this info along by providing you with a printable Dear Santa note.....

All you have to do is simply click on this Dear Santa note....wait a second and you'll get a pop up window to print the note..then print it.

Then you can conveniently put it next to the remote or the beer or the snacks or the garage (you know, somewhere he'll find it!). It will direct Santa back to this page where he or she can simply click the links or the pictures in The Husbands' Ultimate Silhouette Gift Giving Guide to order exactly what you want.  

I've organized this guide into basically two sections: Silhouette Gift types (think Silhouette CAMEO bundles, stocking stuffers, and crafting essentials) and Gift for the _____ Silhouette Crafter  (think 'fabric lover',  heat transfer vinyl or, beginner.)

You're welcome ladies, you're welcome.

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