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Put Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl on Paper for an Amazing Effect

You guys - I just found the most amazing Silhouette hack ever!!! This is one of those Silhouette CAMEO tutorials I could not wait to show you because - who would think to put holographic heat transfer vinyl on paper?! I seriously have all the heart eyes for this!!

Don't tell anyone, but I think I kinda like the holographic heat transfer on paper more than on a shirt!  Plus, it's super simple to do!

So here's the up Silhouette Studio.  Find or create your design in Studio. I used this Celebrate You design - which I gave away as a free Silhouette cut file a few weeks back.

The easiest way to size your design - if you're putting it on 8.5x11" paper - is to set the design page up for "Current Printer."

Click the Design Page Settings tool along the top menu. From the drop down menu in the Page Size area click "Current Printer."  You're not going to actually print, you're just doing this so you can quickly size your design to fit on an 8.5x11" piece of paper.

Position the design where you want it on the paper and then size it appropriately.

Don't forget to mirror your design (right click > flip horizontal) since you're cutting it on HTV.

In the cut settings window, turn on the cut lines and from the material list pick HTV-Flocked. These default settings work well for the holographic HTV which is thicker than the regular Easyweed.  I found a blade depth of 4 worked well.

Load the material (I got my holographic HTV from Expressions Vinyl) onto the mat with the shiny (holographic) side down then Send to Cut.

After the design has cut, weed it.

Warm up your heat press to about 320 degrees. Adjust the pressure knob so you get maximum pressure.  Once it's ready, place the cardstock onto the bottom plate and place the holographic heat transfer vinyl on the paper.

Cover both with a teflon sheet and apply heat and pressure for 10-15 seconds.

Remove the paper from the heat press...but WAIT until the HTV is cool to peel off the transfer sheet. If you peel while it's warm, the heat transfer vinyl will come off with the transfer sheet.

And that's it...

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  1. Awesome!! I wondered about doing vinyl on paper but never tried. You're the best! :)

  2. Wonder how to do this with an iron since I do not have a heat press? Would I use the same settings as on a T-shirt? would I put the teflon paper on it as well? Any suggestions appreciated.

  3. So I just happen to have some holographic heat transfer material...Can't wait!

  4. Do you think this would work on brown kraft paper? If so, still peel cold? Want to make vintage poster style invites! Thanks.


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