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Best Free Stock Photos for Glass Mock Ups in Silhouette Studio

I get a lot of questions about how to make mock ups with Silhouette Studio - specially those you can use commercially! Well, did you know there are actually a few places you can get free commercial use mock up photos?! This is so cool - especially on glass items which are difficult to photographic.

Sarah from Sarah Design is back on Silhouette School today with a guest post revealing a few little known resources to get free commercial use mock ups!

Hi Silhouette School Blog readers! I’m so excited to be guest posting here again, and about my favorite topic...mock ups. Mock ups are great to use, especially for hard to photograph products like glass. Glass items are the WORST to photograph.

Personally, I use Photoshop to create mock ups because it’s the best for images where items are angled or at odd perspectives. Plus there are some powerful automation tools to make image creating faster and easier. However, if your mock up images have straightforward, head-on views, then you can totally do that right in your Silhouette Studio software! Now all you need are great photos to start with….and did you know there are free stock photos out there that you can use - if you know where to look!

Free Stock Photo Resources 

If you aren’t taking your own pictures or hiring a photographer, then you have to purchase stock photos to use and the costs can really add up. That’s why I love Creative Commons Zero images.

Creative Commons Zero (or CC0) means they can be used commercially, without attribution. There are a ton of quality websites out there that provide CC0 images, for free, and that’s great, but it also means you could waste days wading through images looking for just the right wine glass, jar, or car window, etc.... So that’s why I’m here...I did that for you!

I curated the following 17 images especially for shops who sell vinyl-customized or etched glass products. These can be found on my two favorite websites: and

Now that you know where to look...all you have to do is download these CC0 for free and start whipping up some mock ups for your shop today! Need a refresher on how to make mockups in Silhouette? Be sure to refer back to Melissa’s post “Creating Mockups in Silhouette Studio With Your Own Stock Photos”!

Alright so let's get you started with the 17 Best CC0 Images for Vinyl and Etched Glass Mockups

Car windows

This is one of the hardest images to find for some reason! Be sure to crop these so you can’t see any car logos when you use them in your mockups.

Wine Bottles


Wine Glasses

The wine glass was one of the add the design to in Silhouette Studio!

Champagne flutes

Here's a mock up of these flutes I did quickly in Silhouette Studio. To give them the etched appearance I filled the design with white and increased the transparency. 

Cocktail and beer glasses

Other glassware and jars

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