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Move Multiple Edit Points In a Jif: Silhouette Tutorial

Sometimes you need to modify a design from the edit point level. Edit points are the building blocks of designs. They give you a lot of creative freedom...but they can also be kinda pesky to work with if a design has a lot of them - which most designs do.

Silhouette Studio Edit points tutorial moving edit points

Fortunately I recently discovered an edit points shortcut that will have you editing and moving points faster than ever before.

Let's look at this bunny design I have in Silhouette Studio

If you want to make the bunny a little fatter or a little skinnier, select all of the edit points on one half of the design.  Double click the design to get the edit points. Then hold down SHIFT while you go around the shape and click on each point selecting them.

Keep holding down shift and use the left or right arrow key to move all of the edit points the same distance at the same time. This keep them all in relative distance to each other. It also avoids you having to try to maintain the shape while moving each point individually.

Moving multiple edit points in silhouette studio silhouette cameo tutorial for beginners

Note: If you don't hold down shift, the edit points will still move, just at a smaller distance with each click.

There are lots of different ways you can use this little trick - as it applies pretty much anytime you want to move more than one edit point, while maintaining the general shape of the design! 

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  1. This always scares me. I need to practice more at doing it.

  2. If you hold down the shift key and then drag the cursor over the editing points you can select them all at ones without having to click them one at a time.


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