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Pallet Wood and Paper Signs with Silhouette (The Unlikely, but Awesome Combo)

Wood pallet projects are a popular one with Silhouette crafters - but did you ever consider combining wood with paper?! One of the great things about having guest bloggers on Silhouette School every once in a while is sharing different crafting techniques...and that's just what Holly from Ribbons & Glue is sharing today!
Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs

Hello Silhouette School Fans! Holly, here from Ribbons & Glue sharing with you a tutorial on how to use your Silhouette and scrapbooking paper to create simple holiday decor. When it comes to using the Silhouette, most only think of using paint or vinyl when creating projects with wood. But, paper is another media to consider. The great thing about paper is that it can easily be removed if you decide you want to change things up a bit for another season or holiday and it leaves you with a fresh piece of wood to create with again.     

I've used my Silhouette machine for years and since I'm a paper crafter by heart, that's what I tend to use it for the most. I've received many comments over the years from people who've never thought of using paper and wood together. I created this Shamrock Pallet Art out of scrapbooking paper and pieces of scrap pallet wood so I wanted to show the Silhouette School readers, how I create a project out of paper and wood. 

First open up your design in Silhouette Studio.     

When I use my Silhouette to create paper projects, I almost always offset every shape I use. To make this Shamrock Pallet Art, I uploaded a Three Leaf Clover cut file and increased it to the size I wanted. 

Then I clicked the "Offset" tool and changed the offset distance to .1000 inch. This offset distance provides a nice shadow or layer that compliments the shape and doesn't look overbearing. 

Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs   

I wanted to add the word Lucky in the middle of the Shamrock so instead of writing the word out of a font, I decided to use the word Lucky from another file I own, St. Patrick's Phrases. To get only the word Lucky, I ungrouped the shapes, deleted the ones I didn't want and sized the word down to what I wanted.  

Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs
Since the word Lucky had clover on the end that I did not want to use either, I used the knife tool on the left sidebar to detach it. I delete the shamrock and then drew a line to connect the ends of the letter Y. After I was happy with the look of my new shape, I grouped it all together. 

Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs
I repeated the same Offset steps for the word Lucky as I did above for the Shamrock. 

Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs

Here are my shapes cut out on craft paper. 

I always ink the edges of my papercrafts with stamping ink to provide dimension and assembled them together with foam squares.  

 Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs   

I adhered the Shamrock on to the front of a piece of scrap pallet wood using hot glue. The wood is painted with a dry brush technique to give a distressed look and I wrapped rainbow twine with a gold button around the bottom.

 Silhouette tutorial, pallet, wood pallet, paper signs    
This Shamrock Pallet Art really is a simple Holiday Decor project to create with your Silhouette and I hope it inspires you to see how easy it is to incorporate Silhouette shapes in to your home decor projects. 

Shamrock Pallet Art made with Silhouette and scrapbooking paper created by @ribbonsandglue
Holly Signature

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