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Top 10 Most Popular Silhouette School Tutorials in 2015

Top 10 weeks continues on Silhouette School and today I'm sharing the Top 10 Most Read (aka Most Popular) Silhouette Tutorials in 2015!

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Of the nearly 600 tutorials on the blog - these are the most popular! They're ranked by page view with #1 having been read more than #2, 3, and 5 combined! 
  1. How to Back Up, Save, and Export Your Silhouette Studio Library
  2. Silhouette Beginners and Newbies: Start Here with My Best Advice
  3. Making Custom Stickers with Silhouette
  4. Cutting Vinyl with Silhouette 101
  5. Opening Samantha Font and Glyphs in Silhouette Studio
  6. One Click Trick to Cutting Tiny HTV and Vinyl Desi...
  7. Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips for Beginners
  8. 10 Ways Painters Tape Makes Silhouette Crafting Ea...
  9. How to Apply (Silhouette) Vinyl Straight...On the ...
  10. Silhouette Layering Vinyl Tutorial: (The No Fail Method)
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  1. Hello Melissa, I wonder if you have any ideas why the Silhouette Studio program CONSTANTLY gives me an error code saying something has gone wrong with the program and it will need to close. I think it probably happened over 20 times in less than an hour yesterday. VERY FRUSTRATED with their program. I also saved my files to an external drive, according to your instructions--(Which I thank you SO much for!)----but now I don't know how to use them/get them back into my Silhouette Studio library to use them. Also, when you add new designs, how do you save them to your external drive without duplicating the others? I love your tutorials, and have purchased your ebooks. I so appreciate your teachings. It has been a life saver trying to figure out Silhouette Studio. Thank you so much! Jonalee McLaughlin

  2. I have the same problem as Jonalee. While I am actively preparing my design to cut, the program says there is an error and I have to close. This is very distressing! I would like to know why and how to solve the problem. Thanks

  3. Hi Melissa, just found your blog an love it.
    Like to help the girls getting an error code saying something has gone wrong with the program and it will need to close. I had the same Problem and found the Answer on Silhouette FAQ Page:
    It mostly is a Problem within the Silhouette library.
    just try out.
    Sorry about my English, I am from Germany
    Greetings Frederike

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