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22 Silhouette Tutorial You Can't Afford to Miss (Silhouette School July Wrap Up)

So it's the end of July...I swear I say this every month but how did that happen?  We've been having so much fun here at Silhouette School that I blink and the month's over and its' time for another Silhouette tutorial wrap up.

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In July I shared a bunch of free cut files in the Freebie Friday series (I even went back and added some ladies to the Crossfit 'guys' file, the All Things Silhouette Conference officially sold out, I introduced you to a new tool in Silhouette Studio and a brand new app that you can't live without, and we had some awesome product reviews - everything from using Cricut mats with Silhouette to using Glad Press'n Seal as a transfer tape substitute.

In case you skipped school (shame on you), here's a recap of July's lesson plan.
  1. How to Put Vinyl on Cups and Tumblers So It's Straight
  2. Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl on Glass: Silhouette Tutorial
  3. Heat Transfer Vinyl Temperature and Time Settings
  4. Free 'Hand Wash Only' Sticker Sheet Set (Free Silhouette Cut File)
  5. How to Change Silhouette Studio Selection Box Default Settings
  6. DIY Vinyl Weeding Lightbox
  7. Does Press 'N Seal as Vinyl Transfer Tape Really Work (Review)
  8. DIY Silhouette Art with Vinyl and Cardstock (No Tricky Photo Editing)
  9. Free Owl Studio Cut File (Silhouette School Freebie Friday)
  10. Girl's Circle Monogram Anchor Beach Cover Up from Men's Shirt
  11. Using Graphic Design Packs with Silhouette (& $29 Deal)
  12. Silhouette Must Haves on Amazon Prime Day (July 15)
  13. All Things Silhouette Conference: New Class & Speakers List (Sold Out!)
  14. Set of Crossfit Guys & Girls (Free Silhouette Studio Cut File)
  15. Using a Cricut Mat with Silhouette
  16. Accordion Fold Card Tutorial: It's Easy with Silhouette
  17. Wood Doll House and Peg People with Silhouette Clothes and Rooms
  18. My Top 10 Favorite Vinyl Blanks Projects
  19. Set of 5 Canister Labels: Free Silhouette Studio Cut File
  20. Silhouette Printable Foil Tutorial & Review (And Tutorial)
  21. Set of 6 Seasonal Silhouette Studio Cut Files (FREE Cut File)
  22. New Silhouette Studio V3 'Shader Effects' Tool Tutorial
Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!
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  1. I'm not finding what app you're referring to "a brand new app that you can't live without"
    What are they referring to?

  2. Thank you for the list - this month totally got away from me! I was off the radar more than usual so I missed class a few times, oops!

  3. Who was the July font and graphics bundle sold through?

  4. Who was the July font and graphics bundle sold through?


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