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The Best Printable Vinyl Yet for Silhouette Print and Cut (Tutorial and Review)

When it comes to multi-color and complex designs, layering vinyl isn't always ideal...and neither is sublimation which can get pricey. But what if I told you I have finally found the best inkjet printable vinyl yet and it's perfect for Silhouette Print and Cut!

best printable vinyl review tutorial silhouette cameo cut settings

You guys...I was introduced to this stuff several months ago and now I'm hooked. I literally have been dying to tell you about this printable permanent vinyl ever since. Before I did though, I wanted to make sure I had really put it to the test to make sure 1) the color didn't bleed or fade and 2) the vinyl stayed stuck.
Here I am about 2 months, 40 cups of coffee and a 40 dishwasher cycles later...(don't tell anyone I put my vinyl in the dishwasher...this girl doesn't have time to hand wash!)

printable vinyl sticker paper, printable vinyl, silhouette cameo tutorials

Yup it looks exactly the same as it did the day I made it....that's the awesomeness of this printable vinyl!  It's permanent vinyl which makes for a super sticky adhesive AND it has a clear laminate cover sheet that protects the printed vinyl keeping it from fading, bleeding and scratching.

I have to admit I intentionally did not put laminate on two of the flowers and while they faded slightly they still exceeded my expectations!

So here's how you use this inkjet printable vinyl with clear laminate with your Silhouette CAMEO.

The first thing you want to do is open up your design in Silhouette Studio. I am using this adorable cactus and flower set that I got a while back from The Hungry JPEG.

Printable vinyl sheets printable vinyl roll printable vinyl kit silhouette cameo

I set up my work area for a print and cut by adding the registration marks and turning on the cut lines.  When it was time to print, I printed on the printable vinyl.

printable vinyl sheets, printable vinyl paper, printable vinyl sticker, silhouette printable vinyl

Here's where the important part comes in! Before you cut with your Silhouette cutting machine, you need to cover the printed designs with a piece of the clear vinyl laminate which comes with the Inkjet Printable Vinyl Starter Pack.
Don't feel like you need to layer an entire sheet of the clear vinyl over the printed sheet - you can just cover the printed areas to avoid wasting materials.

print and cut on vinyl, silhouette print and cut, silhouette printer, silhouette cameo

Once you've cut the laminate sheet down to size, remove the clear laminate from the backing.

vinyl printer cutter, silhouette cutting machine, silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo printable vinyl

Carefully laying the clear laminate down onto the printed sheet avoiding any wrinkles or bubbles.

how to print on vinyl, how to print stickers, waterproof vinyl sticker paper

Now place the printed sheet onto your Silhouette cutting mat and prepare to cut.

clear vinyl, laminate vinyl, printable vinyl, cut settings printable vinyl laminate, silhouette studio, silhouette cameo

In Silhouette Studio, I found the best Silhouette cut settings for printable vinyl with laminate to be:  
Speed 8, Thickness 16, Blade 6 Double Cut

Send the design to cut by clicking "Send to Silhouette" in Silhouette Studio. The machine will first look for the registration marks and then begin cutting.

Once it's finished cutting, unload the mat and material and place your decals. You can pick up the decals like stickers if you'd like...

diy print and cut stickers, diy waterproof stickers, diy stickers, vinyl printer 
... or weed them like any other vinyl design and use a sheet of transfer tape to move the decals.

I honestly can't tell you how impressed I am with this printable vinyl.

multi color layered vinyl design, printable vinyl

Look how tiny those leaves are....all those cycles through the dishwasher and they haven't moved! Plus the color is exactly the same as the day I originally made this mug!

vinyl dishwasher, dishwasher vinyl printable silhouette cameo

I think this inkjet printable vinyl might be a great solution for cell phone case decals which tend to fade and scratch from so much handling. I haven't tried it yet - but I bet it would also be perfect for making printable car decals!

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