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Secret to Storing Pre-Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

If you're pre-cutting a lot of heat transfer vinyl - filling orders, making stock, or making an elaborate design with lots of colors - it can get tricky to store the HTV before you apply to the surface. It's not always time efficient to cut and apply immediately.

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Since nobody wants dust bunnies, hair or pet fur stuck to their sticky heat transfer vinyl transfer's best not to lay it on the floor or stick it to a place where it's at risk for falling on the floor.

So let me let you in on a little secret! A folder with clear plastic sleeves is going to be your new BFF.  This is the exact 24 sleeve folder I'm using to store my HTV cuts.

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You can simply stick cut and weeded heat transfer vinyl right to both sides of each plastic sleeve to store it cleanly until you're ready to press it. (Not inside the sleeve pocket, on the outside of the sleeve.)

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Then just peel the HTV design off when you're ready to apply. You can store the designs like this for as long as you want!

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If you want to add notes to yourself about the cut HTV or you have an order receipt or details you can even print it off and slide it into the sleeve to keep it with the HTV design.

That's all there is to storing pre-cut heat transfer vinyl...I designed this cut little cover for my folder. If you'd like to print it out you can grab the free printable PDF file's free for personal use only!

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