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Bulk Importing Files Into Silhouette Studio Library

Did you know Silhouette Studio gives you the ability to import multiple files into your library at the same time?!

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

Bulk file importing into Silhouette Studio is no question a huge time saver. Honestly, I wish I realized this feature was even an option a long time ago!

This is definitely something that will come in handy if you are one of those people like me who hoard cut files - especially from places like The Hungry JPEG where you get a lot of files. Importing them one by one into the library is time consuming.  Imagine if you could simply save the files to your computer and literally drag and drop them into Studio. You can!!

Let's use The Hungry JPEG's Ultimate Autumn Craft Bundle as an example here because there's a whole lot of files you're going to want to import and cut with your Silhouette.

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First purchase the bundle, which comes with commercial use files, and download them onto your computer.

Open up Silhouette Studio. If you haven't already, open your library and create a Commercial Use folder and a The Hungry JPEG subfolder. This is where you're going to store the files from this bundle and other The Hungry JPEG files you purchase.

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Now navigate on your computer to where you downloaded those files from The Ultimate Autumn Craft Bundle

bulk file import silhouette studioSelect as many files as you want to drag into your library. You can hold down Shift to select multiple files.

Then use your mouse to drag and drop the files directly into the Commercial Use or The Hungry JPEG folder.

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Watch the number next to the file name to make sure it increases by the same number of files you had selected. You can see the number of files in that folder has now updated from 1 to 12.

And that's how you bulk import files into your Silhouette Studio library!

Pretty easy! I should also point out this works on standard Silhouette Studio and all upgraded versions as well.

silhouette studio library organization, silhouette studio library, custom folders silhouette studio

Now that you know how to easily import all of those amazing commercial use files from The Hungry JPEG, head on over and grab The Ultimate Crafters Bundle which is full of Halloween, Thanksgivng and seasonal designs!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you; this literally is going to save me hours of work after purchasing the recent October bundle. Can not tell you how much I appreciate this!

  2. How did ya get all the SVG files open and together? I'm having to go through each file (from that awesome Ultimate Crafter's Bundle) and then move the SVG file. Anything I'm missing to make it easier?

  3. How did ya get all the SVG files open and together? I'm having to go through each file (from that awesome Ultimate Crafter's Bundle) and then move the SVG file. Anything I'm missing to make it easier?

    1. I haven't purchased one of those bundles, but try this ... open the File Explorer window, and go to your folder where all the designs are listed. View by "Details". At the top of the list, you see the headers for each column. Click on "Type". Now all your zip files are together, your SVG's together, your JPG's together, etc. Your life has just become way easier! And if you're like me and collect a bunch of artwork without looking at it, it's also possible to unzip multiple folders at the same time!

  4. I tried it with the cloud version of the Sil program and it wouldn't work. I had to go back to a pre cloud version.

  5. So excited for this information!! You have just changed my life!! :-D I tried it on a couple groups of files, and bingo, success, LOVE IT!!

  6. Just found out, it WILL import designs you already have in your destination folder. Same file name included, they show as multiples.

  7. What is the advantage of having them on the Silhouette vs just leaving them on your computer?

    1. Can't speak for the official use, but for me, it's the SVG files ... there isn't a viewer like you can use for regular graphics files. So if you have a bunch of SVG's in your regular folders, you have no idea what they look like. The only way to preview them is to open them in Studio, unless you have them in the Library.

  8. I couldn't get it to work! I have the basic edition. Do I need designer edition? Help?!

  9. I have Designer Addition but I can't get it to move. I am using Windows 10

  10. I just figured something out. You can't move the file folders. They have to be open. I am not sure how you can move the folders which would make more since to me. I do all my saving as folders


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