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Silhouette CAMEO Bluetooth Fixes and New Details on Silhouette Studio V4 Release

If you've experienced Silhouette CAMEO 3 Bluetooth issues - there's good news! Silhouette America released an update to Silhouette Studio V3 late this week to fix several bugs in the software program as well as to stabilize the Bluetooth capabilities.  "The latest version of the software (3.8.088) adds a lot of stability to BlueTooth, so it’s an essential update in my mind," Silhouette America IT Director Tony Anderson tells me. 

Silhouette CAMEO 3 bluetooth help set up silhouette cameo tutorials

If you've already downloaded and installed the CAMEO 3 Firmware update you do not need to repeat that part of the process when you update your software.  In addition, if you've already set up Silhouette CAMEO 3 Bluetooth successfully you don't need to go through the step by step process again. You would simply need to update Silhouette Studio software by downloading it from the Silhouette America website and installing it on your computer. with stabilizing Bluetooth, the free Studio V3.8.088 update also fixes some bugs V3.8 users may have noticed in earlier versions such as the the work area zooming in/out when moving a shape up or down using the arrow keys.

And there's more help on the way - if you've been experiencing the V3.8 software freezing up on you.  "We do, however, have another update on the way which will resolve one of the last major issues with BlueTooth. Specifically, users currently might get issues with the CAMEO 3 freezing up if a very complicated cut job is sent (for example, something with thousands of instructions for the machine)," Anderson says. "We have been toiling over this issue for several weeks, and finally have a working proof-of-concept that fixes the problem, and we’re working on getting it incorporated into a build of the software and testing that build." 
There is no confirmed release date on that version of Silhouette Studio V3.8, but Anderson urges, "I highly recommend that everyone with a CAMEO 3 update when they see that version available." 

And if you're wondering what's going on with Silhouette Studio 4 - I'm your girl!  The software issues with the Silhouette Studio CAMEO 3 Bluetooth have actually pushed back the Silhouette Studio 4 release date.  The hope was have it to Beta in July, but at this time of this post (September 1) the beta version has yet to be released to testers (of which I am one). 
 Silhouette Studio V4 has been highly anticipated by CAMEO and Portrait users since it was confirmed that it will include some rather significant changes and much-requested new features - specifically a cutting status bar, improved font displays and the ability to put 'object to path' similar to text to path.


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