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Secret to Layering Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (without Subtracting!)

Well, this glitter HTV-lovin' girl just got the best news ever! It's possible to layer up to three colors of glitter HTV!!!

Baby onesie, glitter, heat transfer vinyl
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Previously, I shared a workaround on layering glitter HTV which required some modification to the design in Silhouette Studio to subtract out the area of the top layer from the bottom. with Chemica Bling Bling from ProWorld that extra time and work isn't necessary!  You can simply layer up to three layers of the glitter or 'Star' heat transfer vinyl (as it's called) on top of each other!

Even  better - you can try it for yourself since one lucky Silhouette School reader will win a $50 gift card to ProWorld!

ProWorld sent me five beautiful 20" rolls of Chemica Bling Bling to test out. All of them can be layered with the exception of the Star Pink.  I decided to go with a glitter black and gold design and they look so sharp together.  By the way,  I shared this file as a Freebie Friday design so grab it here!

Basically all you need to do in Studio is open the design, size it, mirror and you're ready to cut - no subtract all, cropping, offsetting, or modification is necessary!   I cut both the star black and gold HTV using the default settings for Heat Transfer Vinyl - flocked in Silhouette Studio and it cut and weeded perfectly.

glitter, htv, glitter heat transfer vinyl, weeding
Here's a look at all of my glitter design pieces after they're cut.

glitter, glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl, layering htv

After pre-heating and pre-pressing the onesie, I put the bottom black layer down onto the center of the onesie.
 layering htv, heat transfer vinyl

Now with the Chemica Bling Bling you need your heat press or iron to be at 320 degrees and you need to apply medium pressure for 20 seconds.

heat press

After the 20 seconds, wait until the design is cool to peel off the transfer sheet.

glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl, baby onesie

 Then simply position the next layer into place and repeat the process to apply.

Again, wait until it's cool to peel.

transfer sheet, glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl

The reason I love this stuff so much is that sometimes when you're layering glitter HTV that can't be phyiscally layered on top of each other you get a little tiny gap between the layers and therefore you end up seeing the shirt. This can even be the case if you an a slight offset to the top layer to try to hide the gap.

The great thing about Chemica Bling Bling from ProWorld is it's pretty much fool-proof.  Even if you're design's aren't EXACTLY how they aligned in Silhouette studio, you're not going to see any bit of the shirt through the design since the bottom layer is solid!

glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl, baby onesie

And since I know you'll ask - yes, you can wash them too! Just throw them into the washer inside out and hang to lay flat to dry.

glitter htv, heat transfer vinyl, baby onesie

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