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Silhouette Studio Cloud Upgrade: How to Update and What I Know For Sure

So I updated to the new version of Silhouette Studio which includes the Silhouette Cloud...and guess what it didn't take all day (just 20-30 minutes actually), it didn't cause me any more gray hairs, and it still have ALL my files!

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While the new release of the Silhouette Cloud in the latest version of Silhouette Studio is getting a lot of talk, it's nothing to be too scared of especially now that Silhouette America has released more information.  

Initially Silhouette America quietly released the Cloud without any instruction or information other than a 5 word statement which basically stated the Cloud feature was now included in the latest version of Silhouette Studio Version 3.7  With just that limited information I recommended Silhouette users wait until more information was released.

Fortunately, Silhouette America has done just that - releasing a rather lengthy FAQ to help users understand.  And because of that I became more comfortable and go ahead and upgrade to get Silhouette Cloud.  I still completely understand that some users are going to want to wait it out because there will be bugs that need to be fixed, as with any new technology.  But I know some of you are anxious to try this new upgrade and since I'm now comfortable with it - I've gone ahead and upgraded and I'm here to tell you exactly how to do it, too.

So here's what you need to do to upgrade to Silhouette Cloud in this order:

1) Open up Silhouette Studio and BACK UP YOUR LIBRARY!!!  If you're not sure how to backup your library read this detailed post on how to export, copy and backup your Silhouette Studio library. Save the backup to your computer's hard drive. Don't save it to another cloud or a thumb drive.

Silhouette Studio, Silhouette Studio library, move, back up, export

2) Go to Silhouette America and download the new version of Silhouette Studio for either MAC or PC depending what you own.

3) Once you download, you need to install, so find the file: silhouette-studio_v3.7.206.dmg on your computer. Click it to initiate the installation.   Note: When prompted if you want to save as a new version or replace the old, I would suggest picking "Save both."

4) Follow the onscreen prompts. On my MAC I had to pull the Silhouette logo into the Applications Folder.  Then I needed to go to the Applications folder and launch the program by clicking on the Silhouette Studio Logo.  The screen grabs and windows may appear slightly different if you're on a PC.

5) Once the updated version of Silhouette Studio opens, you may get a window that looks like this. For me, the sync never started when I clicked "Update Library" so I 'aborted" it.   If this happens to you, open Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio, Silhouette Studio update

6) Once you open Studio, you will once again be prompted to sync your library to the cloud.

Silhouette Studio, Silhouette Cloud, sync library

7) Sign in using your Silhouette America password email and password - that's the same one you use for the Silhouette Online Store.

8) The designs you've purchased and downloaded from the store will load into your library. DO NOT WORRY WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ALL THE DESIGN YOU'VE CREATED or purchased elsewhere.

Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial, Silhouette Studio cloud, purchased items

9) Now you need to re-import your library, which is why you exported it before you started.  Click File > Library > Import Library (Careful NOT to select IMPORT TO LIBRARY). Navigate to the .exe file you save on your computer and the import will begin.  If you have a large library this may take a bit of time.

Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial, Silhouette Studio cloud, import library

10) Once this is complete all of your designs will be in your library.  Your library now has two main sections: Local User Designs and Cloud Designs.   BOTH SECTIONS ARE ACCESSIBLE WHILE OFF-LINE AND WITHOUT A WIFI CONNECTION! The only thing that is different is that if you want to move something from the Local User Design section to the Cloud, it won't update/sync until you have a Wifi connection.

I cannot stress enough - you do not need Wifi to access your library, the cloud, or Silhouette Studio once it's synced. Silhouette is NOT going the way of Cricut where you need to have Internet access.

Also, the Silhouette Cloud is free and unlimited for all designs purchased from the Online Store. It's also free for up to 1GB of Local User designs.

Also, you do not HAVE to upgrade to the newest version of Silhouette Studio at this time. And even if you decide to upgrade you do NOT need to take advantage of the Cloud. This is not something Silhouette America is forcing users into, it's simply a way to give users more options - namely the ability to easily share your designs between up to 5 devices so you can access them on multiple computers and on whatever devices you have the Silhouette Studio mobile app installed.

I'll be sharing more information in the coming days - but I did want to get this out to you asap since I know the Silhouette Cloud upgrade is making people very nervous!

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