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Silhouette Studio Cloud: Important Information Regarding Latest Studio Update

4/29 Update: Silhouette School has obtained a statement from Silhouette America's Customer Support regarding the Silhouette Studio Cloud Update. (See below to read the full statement)

Silhouette America quietly released a new version of Silhouette Studio on April 26, 2016 which includes a major change: The Silhouette Cloud.  The Cloud will open up additional options for saving your Silhouette designs...however, I would not update just yet for the simple fact that we don't know enough.
Silhouette Studio cloud
Silhouette announced the Cloud almost a year ago, so we knew it was coming, we just didn't know when. Apparently it's here, but with very limited information.  When I say limited, I mean like 5 words....the release notes for V3.7.206 simply state: "Silhouette Cloud implemented into Library." this point I would NOT recommend you update. Here's a quick Facebook Live broadcast I did regarding the newest update and more thoughts on the Cloud.

When I feel comfortable with the update, I will update and report back on the Cloud. I think it's a great thing for Silhouette users! I think it's really going to be a huge benefit to Silhouette users as the Silhouette Cloud will allow you to store your library on the cloud for free and share between multiple devices (UP TO FIVE)!

My understanding is the Silhouette Cloud will work with both the desktop version of Silhouette Studio and the mobile app.  That means, compatible devices, such as tablets and phones, can communicate straight to your Silhouette cutting machine!  You will simply have to drag and drop the files to the cloud icon.

Statement from Silhouette America:

"Thank you for your expressed concern. Please note that the present posting of the Silhouette Cloud is, at this time, an optionally downloaded release. We have made this version of the Studio software available so that users may be able to utilize the Cloud storage features included.

The Silhouette Cloud is intended to allow for the sharing of personally created images and folder structures between devices.

After updating to the Cloud version of the Silhouette Studio software and the initial syncing of your Silhouette Studio library to the Cloud, an active internet connection is not required for the use of library images.

All content purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, once downloaded, is stored locally on the device.

As in the presently constituted iteration of Silhouette Studio, an internet connection is required to download newly purchased content and to recover (sync) images to a new device. Additionally, an internet connection would now be required to sync changes made to Cloud library structures or to upload/download  personally created content from the Cloud. Any changes made to Cloud Library structures, or uploads initiated, while offline will await an active internet connection to process.

Within the library, there will be sections for the Local User (non-synced) content and Cloud User (synced) content. Upon initial update, any content purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, and their accompanying folders, will be moved into the Cloud User section of the library. Any personally created designs will remain within the Local User section and will not sync unless moved to the Cloud User section."

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  1. I'm going to go ahead and upgrade my computer I use at work. Sometimes I like to start a design there when I have an idea and finish up at home. I think this cloud thing will be great! I'm just hesitant to upgrade my home computer where all my designs live until we know more.

  2. I agree with Robyn and will do my work computer as well.
    Thanks for the great heads up.

  3. I agree with Robyn and will do my work computer as well.
    Thanks for the great heads up.

  4. I read on another site not to upgrade this version either.

  5. I wish I had seen this before I clicked on the Cloud. It deleted my cut files off my Silhouette menu and doesn't show me anything when I click on the cloud icon on the menu. :( I was forced to upgrade as my Silhouette software wouldn't display my files until I did.

  6. I too was instructed to update to this version because my software was having problems with the Design Store. After installing it, I couldn't view my library without updating it. When I clicked on update library nothing happened. I contacted the company and they said to uninstall V3.7 and reinstall V3.6 because it looked like there was a problem with the cloud feature in the software.

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