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Top 10 Silhouette-Related Accessories and Craft Items to Pass On

In the two years that I've been blogging on Silhouette School I've purchased and reviewed a lot of items and I always, always, always give my honest opinion. I've found a lot of products I love and I've recommended them all to you time and time again - like Designer Edition and Pixscan and the Deep Cut blade - but there are just some Silhouette-related products that I have to tell you: Don't waste your money.  

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Here are my 10 top Silhouette-related items I suggest you pass on in no particular order (these are all items I've used myself).  
  1. Silhouette Pen Adapters - The set of three pen holders are supposed to make using regular pens or markers in the CAMEO or Portrait easy - but the poor quality of materials left them broken and unusable after a single use.  For the money, you're better off purchasing the Amy Chomas pen holder.  Full Review
  2. Silhouette brand Vinyl and HTV - The quality of the vinyl and HTV just can't complete with the industry standard: Oracal.  If you get some Sil brand vinyl with your machine, it's fine to practice with, but after that stick to the good stuff- especially if you're planning to sell. 
  3. 40 Pack of Vinyl - The 40 sheet variety pack of adhesive vinyl sold on Amazon is seriously lacking in the adhesive department.  The price might be right, but in this case you get what you pay for.  If you're looking for a variety pack, get the 30 pack
  4. Silhouette Sketch Pens - The Silhouette brand sketch pens fit into the CAMEO, Portrait and Curio without any type of attachment, however they're often hit or miss. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't - they almost always dry up quickly.   Full Review
  5. Silhouette CAMEO Tote Bag - What can I say other than I was disappointed to find out this wheeled bag is too large to fit as a carry on when traveling - the whole reason for my purchase.  The oversized bag could be designed smaller to fit the CAMEO and would still make it as a carry on.  The smaller Portrait bag does not have wheels and must be carried on the shoulder, but would qualify as a carry-on.  Full Review
  6. Rhinestone Setter - The Silhouette Rhinestone Setter runs through batteries and fails to heat up to a temperature that's hot enough to effectively apply rhinestones for the long haul. Pass. 
  7. Weeding Hook - The Silhouette brand weeding hooks I received when I purchased my CAMEO bundle and the Portrait were perfectly sharp and easy to use.  Six months ago I would have said to buy it every day of the week. But recently, I've purchased at least 3 extra weeding hooks and they've all been dull and difficult to weed with.  I even sent one back to Amazon hoping the dull point was a dud - but the replacement arrived the same way. Bummer...
  8. Stamp Material - The Silhouette Stamp material cut fine on the machines, but it doesn't produce high quality stamps. If you're a stamper and you want to make your own stamps, stick with the Silhouette Mint stamping machine instead.  Full Review
  9. Silhouette Interfacing - The Silhouette brand interfacing works fine, it's just entirely too little for the high price. Heat and bond or another interfacing works just as well and for a lot less money! 
  10. Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait Cover - Who needs a cover? With as much as you'll be loving and using your Silhouette machine no dust will ever settle on it!
Of course, all opinions are my own and perhaps you don't tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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