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Silhouette Stamp Material Tutorial: 10 Things Beginners Should Know

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners
If you follow Silhouette School on Instagram, you know I took a stab at Silhouette's Stamp Material recently. Well, lucky for you, I'm here to give you the low down on making your own stamps.  And so here are my 10 beginner tips and a Silhouette Stamp Material Tutorial.

1. Supplies

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the two essentials tools: the stamping material and the special stamp mat (which is smaller than both the CAMEO and Portrait mat, but will work in both).  Both are relatively inexpensive and can almost always be found on sale on Amazon.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, material, mat

You can also go the way of buying the Silhouette Stamp Starter Kit which comes with a few acrylic blocks to mount your stamps on, ink and a download card for 10 stamp designs.  I skipped the starter kit this time and use some pieces of scrap wood I had on hand to put my stamps on.

 2.) Change the Page Settings 

To get started, open up Silhouette Studio. Before you even start working with a design or shape, go to the page settings and from the drop down menu, select 'Stamp 6.5 x 7.5 inches.'

Slightly further down in the window, you'll also want to change the Cutting Mat to indicate that you are using the Stamp Mat.  This is also available in the drop down menu.  Now your work area should look like this.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, Silhouette Studio, page settings

3) Designs
I wanted to make a 'Thank You' stamp that I could put on envelopes that were going out as Etsy orders.  I created the design in PicMonkey, saved it and then traced in Studio.  Pretty much any design can be a stamp - just keep in mind you are going to have transfer it by hand to your block...and for me that meant moving all eight letters individually.   Simple designs and/or ones that are welded are going to work I found out!

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, Silhouette Studio, page settings

4) Keep In Mind Size
Once your design is ready, you'll want to size it. Keep in mind the size of the stamp, block, and ink pad.  Position it on the mat in the software and now it's time to get ready to cut.

5) Prepping to Cut

Peel off the white liner from your the stamp mat.  Don't throw it away, you'll want to use it again to keep your mat clean.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, white liner, stamp mat

Working with a single piece of the stamp material, my suggestion is to keep the liner on it while you cut a piece that's just large enough for your stamp.  If your design is 3x3 for example, give yourself a little room and cut a 4x4 square, instead of putting the entire sheet of stamp material on your cutting mat.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, cutting, liner

After you cut the stamp material to size, peel off the liner.  Place the stamp material onto your mat using the grids on the mat and in the software to arrange the material so your stamp cuts correctly.  Do not stretch or pull the stamp material.  Just lay it down flat, gently rubbing out any bubbles. 

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, liner

6).  Cutting

From the cut settings window pick 'Stamp Material' from the materials list.  Don't forget to change your blade!!! You'll need to boost it to a 9. 

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, ratchet blade

7) Cutting 2.0

Load your mat and send your stamp design to the machine as you normally would. Be impressed.

TIP: My rollers would not smoothly go over the stamp material without peeling it off the mat and creating a bubble, so I moved the stamp material about a half inch in from the left grid mark so that the roller would not have to go over it and would just stay on the mat.  Just be sure to move your design accordingly.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners

8) Removing the Stamp

When the cut is completely, unload the mat from the machine and using your fingers, gently 'weed' the excess stamp material away.  Some areas probably didn't cut completely through and that's okay. Just pull it gently and the stamp material will snap.

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners

9) Mounting the Stamp

9) Now you're left with your design - in a stamp form - on the mat.  If you have the starter kit, find the acrylic block that fits best and adhere the stamp material.   If you're like me, and you do not have the starter kit, you can use scrap pieces of wood to mount the stamps.  I used some spray adhesive to spray onto my block and then moved the pieces of the stamp into place. REMEMBER YOUR STAMP NEEDS TO BE MIRRORED!!!

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners, wood

10) Get Stampin'!

Stamp your DIY stamp on an ink pad and get stamping! 

Silhouette, stamp, tutorial, beginners

If I'm completely honest with you...I'm not a big stamper.  I like that with the Silhouette can help me make my own personalized stamps, but without a way to transfer the stamp material onto the block I feel like there are a lot of limitations in your design choice.  Making a personalized return address stamp would be out of the question because of how small and how many characters would be required. I also think the stamp material would probably work better if it was slightly thicker. A lot of ink got on my block which was then transferred onto the surface I was stamping. 

What has your experience been with making your own stamps? Leave a comment below.

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