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The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide ebook - It's (Officially) Release Day and a GIVEAWAY!

I don't know if you've heard the news or not but I released a new ebook - never did I think I would write three ebooks in one year...but ya know writing and blogging and creating and life planning happens and I can't stop, won't stop as long as there's Silhouetting to do.

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Seriously though Friday was supposed to be the soft release of The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide, but since then more than 950 copies have sold already -  soft-schmoft! You guys are HARD CORE and I LOVE IT!!  It's pretty unbelievable considering, until now, I hadn't even announced the release of the Sticker guide on the blog!
The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide was born out of four main requests I get repeatedly:
  • Help with Print and Cut
  • Info about which Printer I Use with Silhouette
  • How to Make Better Stickers
  • How to Design Custom, Perfectly Sized Stickers for Any Planner
I attempted to write a blog tutorial on the planner sticker question and it was way too long and not nearly indepth enough for my taste for the blog so I turned it into an ebook. Since I still owe you all a sticker tutorial on Silhouette School blog, I am keeping my promise and will share one with you on the blog later this week. Then you can decide if you want to learn more and go for the book....but just trust, me you're gonna want it. Seriously.

Anyway if you struggle with print and cut, want to learn to make your own planner stickers instead of spending oodles on them every single week/month, or perhaps want to open your own shop - The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide is for you!!!

I have a whole new site dedicated to the sticker guide where you can get a peak inside, check out the table of contents, and download freebies (no purchase necessary - I know you guys love your freebies!!). So head over there for lots more info!!

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The Sticker guide is being sold as a stand alone ebook as well as being bundled with my original Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook at a discounted price! All the deets on The Ultimate Bundle here!

As always - you guys rock my jingle bell socks and  I can't thank you enough for all of your support and trust in me. You made 2015 a year I will NEVER ever forget. I have fulfilled so many dreams - dreams I didn't even realize I had on January 1 of this year.

PS. Since I know you'll ask...yes I have three books - the second (lesser known) is sold exclusively through Swing Design and is geared toward total beginners, like machine-is-still-in-the-box beginners....and it's totally awesome!

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