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New Silhouette Machines and Software Updates and Upgrades

Silhouette, Silhouette machines, software updates, upgrades

By now you've heard that Silhouette America will release two new machines later this year along with the ability for mobile editing in Silhouette Studio. Dozens of new Silhouette-brand products - including new cutting materials and deep cut blades - to use with the current Silhouette SD, CAMEO and Portrait machines will also be released. The details on those products are really limited but they could be out this summer.

Neither the Silhouette Curio or Mint are meant to replace the current machines. Instead, they're meant to accompany it - and because of their functions, they're especially attractive to paper crafters like our regular contributors Becky and Glenna from My Paper Craze. For that reason, I'm going to let my go-to paper experts explain more about the big news!

Hi all, Becky and Glenna here from My Paper Craze! If you're thinking what I was thinking when I read the news, you might be assuming that new cutting machines are on the way... and you would be half right. Silhouette is releasing a new cutting machine, the Silhouette Curio, and a stamping machine, the Silhouette Mint. Both machines are scheduled to be released in Fall 2015 (maybe if you're good, Santa will bring you one for Christmas!).

Silhouette CURIO
Silhouette, Silhouette Curio, software updates, upgrades

So let's get down to business: what could be so awesome about this new cutting machine. If you are like us, you're pretty loyal to your Silhouette, whether it's a Cameo or Portrait.  It has stood by you all this time and it'll take something pretty darn special to replace it  †Well, we're here to tell you that this new addition to the family doesn't necessarily threaten your existing machine, but it definitely sounds impressive and is being refereed to as the Swiss Army knife for your craft room.  The NEW Silhouette Curio is announced to be the ultimate DIY machine that can cut, emboss, sketch, stipple (what is that anyways?) and etch.  Here's what Silhouette has to say about the new "Power Tool"...
"The Curio boasts a rich mix of innovative features including a dual carriage, an adjustable base and a raised clearance bar opening the door to new project palettes like woods, foils, thicker leathers, foams, and even metals."
WOW.  Did they say woods and metals?  And a dual carriage for double sketch pens - woohoo!  While these sneak-peek statements pique our interest, a deeper look reveals why this just might be a companion for your existing cutting machine instead of a replacement (depending on your individual needs).

One of the most common complaints about the new Curio is the reduced cutting area compared to the Cameo, which is only 8.5 inches wide. Now if you're used to a Portrait, this won't seem like a big deal, but many users are questioning why Silhouette would choose to go with a smaller cutting area on a brand new machine. If anything, users are requesting larger cutting areas and are very dissatisfied with this aspect. Along with the new cutting machine, Silhouette is releasing these Curio-recommended products: 
  • Curio Fine Embossing Tool
  • Curio Wide Embossing Tool
  • Deep Cut Blade 
  • Curio Stippling Tool
  • Curio Etching Tool
  • Curio Score and Emboss Paper
  • Curio Metal Etching Sheets (black, gold, pink)
  • Curio Aluminum Stippling Sheets
  • Felt Tip Pens (compatible with Portrait, CAMEO, Curio)

Silhouette Mint

Silhouette, Silhouette Mint, software updates, upgrades

Stamping might not be your forte, but the new Silhouette Mint is not your normal stamp. While the overall purpose is to create custom stamps using the same Silhouette Studio you know and love, check out what Silhouette has to say about this machine that can fit in the palm of your hand: 
"The Silhouette Mint is the most innovative and powerful custom stamping system on earth. The machine's special "thermal printing" feature lets you carve 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets. Simply add Mint inks to your stamp and you are ready to roll."
This custom stamping machine sure opens up the door to endless possibilities for scrapbooking, party favors or invitations, gifts, cards, any paper craft really.

Another neat fact about the Mint is that you don't have to use traditional ink pads. The Silhouette brand Mint inks actually absorb into the Mint stamp sheets and can stamp up to 50 times (seriously!).
  • Mint Stamping Kit (includes the stamp sheet, stamp mount, stamp base and 2 labels)
  • Mint Stamp Sheet Set (includes 2 stamp sheets, 2 stamp mounts and 2 labels) Mint Ink (various colors)  

Now that you have the down-low on the new machines, are you ready to check out the new products? I know I am! These are products that you can use even without the new machines, so they are being released in Summer 2015 (right around the corner!).
Finally, we have some details on the new Silhouette Studio software additions and upgrades.  Basically there are three huge changes. The first is that Silhouette America will offer mobile apps to use on Apple and Android products - talk about editing on the go!
Silhouette, Silhouette Cloud, software updates, upgrades
The second is that Silhouette IS FINALLY launching a Silhouette Cloud that will allow you to store your library to share between multiple devices (UP TO FIVE)! One of the new free features being added is Silhouette Link that allows users to send files from ANY device to ANY cutting machine, remotely.  of course you still need to be near your machine to load it with whatever product you are cutting on.

Once Silhouette Mobile is launched in August, that means that all your compatible devices, such as tablets and phones, can communicate straight to your Silhouette cutting machine!   You will simply have to drag and drop the files to the cloud icon.  Those upgrades are free.

And lastly, Silhouette is releasing a new paid software upgrade called Designer Edition Plus. If you already have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, the cost will be $24.99, otherwise it will be $74.99.
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus is sewing and fabric focused, but will also include enhanced rhinestone functions, the ability to import various sewing file types and have the software auto-isolate.Designer Edition Plus will be released in the fall.

Be sure to visit us over at My Paper Craze and right here on Silhouette School every week.

What new products and software upgrades are you most excited about? 
 Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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