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Tips for Cutting, Weeding, and Placing Tiny Silhouette Designs

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing

If you've ever tried to cut a really small design on your Silhouette you know it's not always the easiest thing.  Vinyl lifting off the backing and paper tearing are among the chief complaints. Cutting very small and delicate shapes is something the Silhouette can definitely handle, but it can be a lot less stressful - and let's face it, less wasteful - if you follow these few tips for success.

The first thing you want to do is slow the speed to 2 or even one.  In the cut settings, slow down the speed at which the blade moves. This can help prevent the tiny cuts from peeling up.  Some people will tell you it's actually better to speed up the blade so it doesn't drag in the area causing the vinyl or paper to lift.  I've always had luck with slooooooowwww cuts for tiny details, but if it doesn't work you can try the quick approach.

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, cut settings

Double cutting can also be helpful especially if you're having trouble weeding the tiny design. Cutting twice just ensures that the material is cut completely so the design is easier to transfer.  I don't double cut until I know that the design is going to have trouble. Try getting away with just slowing the speed before you go for the double cut.

Giving your design a very slight offset can be a huge factor in how well it cuts.  If you can give the design even a .010 offset to 'thicken' it slightly without altering the design noticeably, I can pretty much guarantee you'll see a difference in how it cuts.    Look closely and you'll notice that in the design on the right the monogram is slightly thicker than the non-offset image on the left.

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, offset

Once your small design is cut, you've only won half the battle. Just look how tiny that design is - and it cut great!

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, monogram you need to weed.  Grab your Silhouette hook and a good pair of tweezers. Place your design - still on the backing - on your cutting mat to keep it still while you're weeding. Then carefully weed the design. If you are working with paper, the Silhouette spatula is great for getting tiny designs up off the mat without tearing them.

Using clear transfer tape, I got a 100 yard roll from Expressions Vinyl, is a huge help when placing tiny is securing your target. (Gotta love painter's tape).

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, painters tape

Because you can see through the tape and onto the surface where you're placing your tiny design, you're much more likely to get it perfect! I had the worst time lining up the monograms on these 5/8" acrylic studs (from Punch Place Plus) until I switched from transfer paper to the see-through clear transfer tape.

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, painters tape

I hope these tips have helped you successfully cut even the smallest of projects with your Silhouette. I'm sure I'm leaving a few out ... so please weigh in by leaving a comment!

Tiny, small, Silhouette designs, tip, cutting, weeding, placing, monogram, earrings

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