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Silhouette cutting above the gridded area? How to fix it (on Portrait and Cameo)

Is your Silhouette blade cutting above the gridded area of the mat and therefore you are losing some of your cut design?  If this keeps happening to you (and your designs are not outside the gridded area in Studio), your machine is actually not malfunctioning.  The problem can be fixed with just the press of a button. 

Note: It's a slightly different fix for the Portrait and the Cameo and here we explain both.  I have the Portrait so images will be for that tutorial with an explanation on fixing loading issues on the Cameo further down the page.

The secret's in the load button.


If you are using the cutting mat on your Silhouette Portrait, ensure that you are using the gridded Load Cutting Mat button to feed the mat and your material into the Silhouette.

If you use the other "Load Media" button, your mat will not be fed far enough into the machine therefore the blade starts cutting higher and out of the gridded area.  Can you see the difference in how far the mat/paper was pulled into the machine in the picture below?

The Load Media button (second button from top in picture above) should only be used when you are not using the cutting mat and loading materials like vinyl.  In those instances the blade can start cutting closer to the edge of the loaded material.


If you're Silhouette Cameo is cutting above the gridded area of the cutting mat, you can fix it by using the up and down arrows on the Silhouette to scroll through until 'Load Cutting Mat' is displayed on the screen.  Then press 'Enter' and your mat will feed through.

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  1. OMG This was driving me crazy! Thanks for the info!!

  2. What about for the curio? Do you have any tips? I have it set to the correct mat size and the mat is latched in, but it is still cutting it above the mat.

  3. What about for the curio? Do you have any tips? I have it set to the correct mat size and the mat is latched in, but it is still cutting it above the mat.

    1. It's not working for me, either. Never has but I just thought I read it wrong. Finally after a year I really need it to work right for table numbers for my son's wedding this weekend (working from a cut file he purchased online)and it's not working! Hours of trying! Help!

  4. Thank you so much! I just about ruined my mat trying to figure out what was wrong!

  5. Hi I know this is an older post, but I'm wondering how close to the edge I can cut on a print-and-cut paper that I print with a cameo and use the registration marks. Said another way, if I have an 8.5x11" sheet of paper, how much of that paper can I actually print on if I plan to add registration marks and cut them out with the Cameo? Thanks!

  6. I never usually comment on things, and as much obvious as it seems right now I pushed the wrong button when I started and that was the only reason it was cutting outsite. Many other websites and even Silhouette website were advising me on more complicated things and the only problem was a button... aaaaah! thank you so much!

  7. omg! Thank you for this! I never noticed that - and as mine was cutting off the grid, I almost re-calibrated my machine! Whew!


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