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Laser Engraver Comparison for Crafters, Small Business and Pros (Speed and Power Test)

If you're trying to find the best laser cutter and engraver it can all seem a bit overwhelming. 

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I have three xTool laser engravers and cutters. I would consider one for crafters, one for small, side businesses and one for shops and pros.  In the laser world, a higher power laser means faster cutting and engraving. But it also usually means a higher price.  

The good news is there's a laser out there for everyone and as the prices drop and safety with enclosed lasers become more common, the biggest challenge is deciding which is best. 

A lower power laser needs to move slower to cut through the same material that can be cut faster with a higher power laser. 

In this side by side laser comparison video I compare the speed (and therefore power) of the xTool M1 10w diode vs xTool S1 40w diode vs xTool P2 CO2 so you can decide which laser is best for you. 

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  • The xTool M1 is the least expensive and smallest of the three, making the 10w diode a popular choice for crafters and hobbyists. 
  • The new xTool S1 is a bit larger and has a 40w diode laser making it more powerful and faster.  It's more than double the price of the M1, but still significantly less expensive than the P2. 
  • The xTool P2 is a 55w CO2 laser ideal for small businesses and pros who need speed and efficiency along with the ability to cut and engraver a much wider array of materials. 
As you can see, the laser power itself not only directly impacts the price, but also the speed.  

If you're on a budget or enjoy crafting without stringent time constraints, the M1 crafter laser is a solid choice, especially for wood projects. 

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However, if production efficiency, power, and speed are non-negotiables, it boils down to the S1 and P2. 

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The S1 40w diode offers a bigger bed than the M1 and is more budget-friendly than the P2, but it has limitations with certain materials like clear acrylics. 

On the other hand, the xTool P2 comes with a higher price tag but compensates with faster speeds and a broader range of compatible materials.

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Choosing the right laser cutter depends on your specific needs. Whether you're prioritizing speed, efficiency, affordability, or material versatility, each machine has its unique strengths. 

If you're still unsure, check out my laser comparison charts.

laser,  xtool, xtool m1, xtool p2, diode lasers, laser comparison chart

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