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How to Fix Red Lines in Silhouette Studio on Mac

If you're suddenly getting weird red lines in Silhouette Studio when you open a design...there is a quick fix for this known bug. 

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My inbox has been full of people asking me: "How do I fix these red lines and what's causing them?"  Read on for how to fix this annoying issue. 

Silhouette Studio and Sonoma play fine together until...V4.5.735 and the latest MAC OS Sonoma meet.  This combination doesn't seem to like each other and it's causing these weird red lines in Silhouette Studio. 

While the designs seem to still cut okay, it's impossible to do any type of designing with the distracting lines across the page.

How to Fix Red Lines in Silhouette Studio 

To fix this issue, Silhouette Studio users whose MAC has updated to Sonoma, should roll back their Silhouette software version to a legacy version.

How to Go Back to an Older Version of Silhouette Studio 

To do this, go to the page. 

Click "Download Legacy Versions" and select Silhouette Studio 4.4.554 or older.  Find the download on your computer and install the legacy version of the software. If you need a refresher on how to download Silhouette Studio software, find it here.

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CAMEO 4 and Older Machine Users: When asked, you can select "Replace" to let the Legacy version override the existing version of the Silhouette software since it obviously doesn't work. 

CAMEO 5, Portrait 4 & Curio 2 Users:  V4.4.554 will not support the new generation machines. For you, Silhouette suggestions keeping both versions of the software (V4.4.554 and V4.5.735) on your computer and using the legacy version to design and then the new (red line version) to cut.  Read on for how to deal with this.

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How to Keep Multiple Versions of Silhouette Studio On a Mac

To keep multiple versions of Silhouette Studio on your MAC, after the software is installed go into your Applications folder and rename the newest version of Silhouette Studio. 

You can do this by right clicking and selecting "Rename" then typing in the specific version of the Silhouette Studio software.

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How to Cut on CAMEO 5 or Curio 2 with Red Lines 

Now when you're designing work in V4.4.554 and save the design to your Silhouette Studio cloud. Then to cut on your CAMEO 5, Curio 2, or Portrait 3 launch V4.5.735 and open the design. Move immediately to the Send Panel. You'll still get the red lines in the send panel of V4.5.735, but the design should still cut ok.

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  1. Thank you for this! I was getting so frustrated by the red lines and not getting any answers from Silhouette.


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