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How to Change the Default Font in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio now gives users the ability to change the default font style and size.  This is an option in the Silhouette Studio Beta version V4.4.819 or higher.

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Goodbye are the days of Lucida Grande and Arial 72! Now you can pick whatever font and font size you want based on any installed font on your computer! 

To set your new default font style and size open the Preferences panel. The Silhouette Studio Preferences can be found by clicking the small gear at the bottom right corner of the software. 

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Select the Defaults tab on the window that opens. 

From the "Default Text Style" setting select your preferred font from the dropdown list. 

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You can change the size and styling as well.

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  1. There isn't an option to change font style in my default's I have business edition

    1. I agree, have Business edition. I don't understand the difference between Status Beta and Status Release.

  2. It's also not on my defaults and I have designer plus.

  3. Those who are not seeing this option, check your version -- it says V4.4.819 or higher.

  4. I was having the same issue until I realized it said it was part of the BETA version. However, when I tried to download that version, my MAC OS didn't allow it. I had to revert back to the current version. Hopefully they will release this soon.

  5. If I run Beta versions how do I get V4.4.19? It is not available on the Silhouette web page and I check for updates weekly by default setting.


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