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Silhouette CAMEO Autoblade Won't Cut? Use this WorkAround

If you’re having trouble cutting with your Silhouette CAMEO Autoblade - there could be multiple reasons why. 

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If you have exhausted all of the troubleshooting - including making sure your blade is installed correctly and there is no debris under the cap, you may just have an Autoblade that is acting faulty.  But there's a workaround that should help so you can still use your Autoblade!

As long as the reason your Autoblade won't cut isn't that it's dull - you can very likely still cut with it by getting your software to think you are using a manually-adjustable Ratchet Blade. That's the black cutting blade that you can use in all of the machines.

The way to do this is to start in the Silhouette Studio Send panel. Select your material and note the cut settings that are recommended. The number on the black scroll is the recommended blade depth. This is what is usually automatically set for you when the auto blade is tapping prior to cutting. 

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When you are using a ratchet blade or when you are manually setting your AutoBlade you will need to manually set your blade using this number as the blade depth. 

Remove the Autoblade from the machine's tool carriage and use your thumb to click the bottom of your Autoblade so that the red line lines up with the recommended blade depth on that black scroll. 

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Place the auto blade back in the tool carriage and make sure that your Silhouette machine is powered on and connected to your computer. 

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Return to the Send panel and change the Action to "Cut" and change the Tool to "Ratchet Blade". Now you can Send to cut. 

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By setting the tool to Ratchet Blade in the software, you are telling the machine not to tap the blade and change the blade's depth. You were telling it to skip this step because you have manually done so by clicking it yourself. 

This is how you can use the AutoBlade essentially as a manually adjustable Ratchet Blade. 

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  1. Thank you for the tip. I've never been able to get my auto-blade to work. I just can't believe we need a hack to use it. I'll definitely try it and see what happens. I've been using a ratchet blade pretty much the entire time I've had the machine.

  2. Same here when I was using the auto-blade in my cameo 3 it used to stick and shudder so gave up and went back to the ratchet blade I replaced the cutting strip but it just cut into it I don't know what to do I have been put off using my machine and have been using my Scanncut a lot more

  3. This is actually what I have been doing for months. I actually counted the autoblade taps and noticed that it was not accurate. Some may notice that it starts re-tapping mid-pass and does not finish a cut. Hope silhouette fixes this software issue.

  4. I had a problem with my autoblade -- it stopped cutting in the middle of a cut job. After troubleshooting everything possible, I found after several weeks of trying on and off that the bottom cap of the blade had become slightly unscrewed. UGH!! It was incredibly frustrating. Who knew it could unscrew itself, especially in the middle of a job!! I've never had that happen before.

  5. I have had nothing but trouble getting my Cameo 4 to cut since the day I bought it a year ago. It is so frustrating! I've tried the ratchet blade and have better success with that, but we should reasonably expect the machine to work as it's supposedly designed to! We should not have to have work-arounds to get it to cut, especially considering the price of the machine. I am so disappointed in Silhouette for not standing behind their product, which in my case is obviously defective.


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