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Patterned HTV: 3 Reasons I Love Thermoflex Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you're a fan of patterned heat transfer vinyl (and who isn't?), you know that sometimes cutting and applying it can be a rather confusing process.  

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The patterned HTV often comes without a carrier sheet (meaning some HTV goes against the rule of cutting in reverse) and the design can get lost in the pattern making it difficult to weed. But with Thermoflex Fashion Patterns both of those issues are non-existent.  With the Thermoflex patterned HTV there's no second guessing - you cut it just like normal heat transfer vinyl and the back is white making the cut lines easy to see when weeding. 
The hardest part about working with ThermoFlex Patterns HTV is picking which pattern to use. There are SO many in more than 100 options!!!  

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There are two things you should keep in mind when designing or selecting a design for patterned HTV: 
  • The design should either be solid or have large areas and fonts should be bold. Designs get lost in thin small areas. 
  • Consider offsetting your design with a coordinating solid color HTV to make the pattern pop 
Once you've decided on your design simply load the Thermoflex pattern HTV either directly into your Silhouette machine or place it on a cutting mat.  Just like solid color HTV, the shiny side should be down and the design should be mirrored in Silhouette Studio. 

htv, patterned htv, heat transfer vinyl, review, heat press

Send your design to cut. The best Silhouette cut settings for Thermoflex smooth HTV are Blade 2, Speed 8 (depending on the intricacy of the design), and Force 14. 

htv, patterned htv, heat transfer vinyl, cut settings, heat press

When the cutting is complete you can weed from the back side which is white on Thermoflex patterned HTV. 

Weeding from the back white side makes it far easier to see the cut lines than when you cut patterned HTV without a carrier sheet which requires weeding from the patterned side. 

htv, patterned htv, heat transfer vinyl, cut settings, heat press

When the weeding is complete just flip the heat transfer onto your surface and press for 10 seconds at 305 degrees.  Unlike other patterned vinyl there's no need to use a special mask to transfer the HTV design...Theroflex Fashion Patterns HTV already has the mask (clear carrier sheet) and is ready for pressing!

After you press, just peel away the carrier sheet and you're all set!  

htv, patterned htv, heat transfer vinyl, cut settings, heat press

The HTV is so thin you can barely feel it on the shirt which is just another reason I love it!

It's really that easy and for all these reasons it's why I love Thermoflex Patterned HTV
  • Lots of patterns to pick from
  • Comes with carrier sheet so it cuts like traditional HTV
  • Back side is white making it easy to weed
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  1. Why is the vinyl sticky after peeling off the carrier sheet?

  2. Some transfer tapes are stickier than others.


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