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Vinyl Slipping When Cutting Without a Mat on Silhouette CAMEO? Do This

If you are cutting vinyl without a cutting mat and it's slipping as it rolls down the vinyl it can ruin your vinyl.

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The roll feeder helps if you are cutting vinyl or heat transfer vinyl off a roll, but if you are cutting a sheet you can run into issues.

This quick fix will help make sure your vinyl does not slip out from under the rollers when cutting sheets of vinyl with your Silhouette CAMEO.

When cutting vinyl or heat transfer vinyl without a mat on Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait the right roller needs to be moved in.  Without the margin of the mat to catch, the roller needs to roll on top of the vinyl to keep it in place as the machine cuts. 

silhouette cameo 4, vinyl, htv, cutting problems, heat transfer vinyl

However if you only move the roller left by one notch, like many of us are used to doing, the roller can still end up being pretty close to the edge of the material.

A long sheet of vinyl can eventually slip and slipping vinyl causes miscuts.

silhouette cameo 4, vinyl, htv, cutting problems, cameo 4
Instead of moving the roller in by one notch, you can move the right roller in further toward the center.  This way there's no risk of your vinyl slipping out from under the roller.

silhouette cameo 4, vinyl, htv, cutting problems, cameo 4

And no worries, all of the Silhouette machines can cut in the area of the roller so it's not getting in the way of your cuts!

silhouette cameo 4, vinyl, htv, cutting problems, cameo 4

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  1. OH! I hope that works with the mats too! mine is slipping soo much and it has already ruined loads of materials!

  2. This is exactly the tip I needed today! Thanks!

  3. I keep mine here and sometimes still get a lot of movement

  4. When it works, it works. But when it doesn't, it usually waits until the last second. Unlike a printer, which prints on a page from top to bottom, the Cameo 4 zooms all over the vinyl as it cuts. This means if it slips ½ way through the cut, it will ruin the whole design. You waste a ton of vinyl, and you have to babysit it. The problem is, even if you watch it like a hawk, it will slip at the last second, go to the middle of the design, and add some cuts that completely ruin the design.
    I've used all the advice I've found online, but I've realized I just can't give it difficult projects. I walk away for one second, and the mat has slipped and the design is ruined.
    If I keep up with this hobby, I'll do a lot more research first. And I'll probably avoid cameo products unless I find a way to fix this maddening issue.
    Or I'll just learn how to make silk screen t-shirts.

    1. Hi there! A few things, definitely make sure that your firmware is up to date and ensure that your mat is stabilized. If your mat is not supported, this can cause slipping. You should be able to cut large and complicated projects without MUCH issue.


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