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How to Sew for Beginners (Good Enough to Make a Fabric Mask)

There's been more interest from Silhouette crafters in learning how to sew for beginner sewers than I've seen in the last six years combined.

Beginners Sewing, Fabric, Designer Edition Plus, Sewing, Basic Tips

I did a complete start to finish beginner sewing tutorial video on Silhouette School's Facebook Live but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss it so I'm sharing here on the blog as well.

This beginner sewing video starts with how to wind the bobbin and covers threading the machine and and works all the way through completing your first project.

Beginners Sewing, Fabric, Designer Edition Plus, Sewing, Basic Tips

Since we're in the middle of the pandemic, as I type this, we are making a DIY fabric mask. The free fabric mask pattern is available for download here. I also have tutorials on how to cut fabric with a Silhouette CAMEO 4 rotary blade and how to cut fabric with any Silhouette machine (without a rotary blade.)

Once you have the fabric cut that's where the sewing comes in. So dust off that old sewing machine matter how old it is (I inherited this one from my grandmother)...

Beginners Sewing, Fabric, Designer Edition Plus, Sewing, Basic Tips

...or grab an inexpensive basic sewing machine and get sewing!

Remember..."we are in this together to meet the moment" :)  I crack myself  up. That little joke will make more sense as you watch the video.

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  1. OH! That machine takes me back to my mother's treadle machine, this part folded inside it. I LOVED that machine.
    Happy Easter
    Keep safe and well
    Faith x

  2. Oh, I love your video. I am like you. My Mom could sew anything without a pattern. Just adjust as she needed. I do good to sew a straight line. You did an AWESOME job with this.

    Keep it up!


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  4. pinebluffs03@gmail.comApril 18, 2020 at 1:02 AM

    Please, please, please.....can someone help... I got the mask pattern from Silhouette. No problem. But, when I cut it on my Cameo 4 it double cuts the pattern. I have my settings for cotton, thin, with single pass. It still double cuts, and the second pass is about 1/16th of an inch inside or outside the 1st cut. I also have the cut as an edge cut. Oh, btw, using my rotary blade. This is really weird, and frustrating. Any suggestions or help? Thanks in advance


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