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Water Color Kids Art with Silhouette

Hello Silhouette School readers! I'm Courtney and I blog over at Crafts by Courtney. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to guest post over here today and wanted to share a kids craft with you. Over at Crafts by Courtney, I blog about how-to kids and home crafts. Kids crafts are always my favorite to make and I've used my Silhouette for many. Plus, my favorite thing about this craft is that it's perfect for any age. As long as they have the paper completely painted over (or finger painted), the end results are going to look awesome!Silhouette, kids art, watercolorFor this craft you're going to need the following materials:


Silhouette Shapes

Getting Started

For this craft, I already had all my craft supplies on hand. I pulled out some cardstock and watercolors to begin. Oh, and of course my Cameo (can't forget that for this craft).

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

First, I picked out my shapes from the Silhouette Library. I wanted to go for a more nautical vibe with this craft. The kids loved it! This craft would also be perfect using any shape you already had on hand (I just love coastal decor)!

I used the Silhouette to cut the cardstock and then set them to the side while we worked on the painting.

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

Time to use the watercolors!  On another piece of cardstock,  you're just going to go to town painting. My kids LOVE using watercolors for craft projects. They're my favorite too. If you don't have watercolors on hand, you can always use regular paint (or even crayons). I just think the watercolors look so pretty!

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor
Here are a few me and my 6 year old made together.

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

Finally, let's put our art together! I like using the adhesive tape for this part. I've used glue, but once it dries it leaves the paper a little bumpy. I added the tape around the outer edges of the cardstock that had been cut with the Silhouette. Then I just overlaid it on top of the water color paintings.

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

Here's our Silhouette watercolor art!! I even used some of the positive pieces like the crab and lobster. I think they are so pretty...they could even be framed on an art wall. This will be displayed in my playroom for sure!!

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

As you can see, this is a super easy craft to make if you have a Silhouette machine.

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor

It really does make all the kids artwork look even MORE beautiful.

Silhouette, kids art, watercolor 

A BIG thanks to the wonderful my good blogger friend Melissa for letting me guest post over here on Silhouette School!! I had a blast working on this craft with my son. It really is a fun art project you can recreate with your kids. I hope you loved this craft. If you'd like to get more craft project ideas and inspiration, be sure to sign up for my newsletter! Get my best ideas, right to your inbox.  Crafts by Courtney closing graphic
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  1. Nice project with great results. So simple yet so striking!

  2. Awesome! My 3 yr old and I did this project yesterday for baby #2's nursery. I put my old t-shirt on him as a smock and covered the dark water colors with masking type and we went to town on 11x15 water color paper.
    I don't have a cool silhouette machine, which would have made this easier. So instead I mocked up my shape - a tree with flowers - in Inkscape, then printed it. Then I took another sheet of 11x15 water color paper, put the printout on top, and traced the lines with a retracted mechanical pencil, making an impression on the water color paper below. Then I went somewhere with lighting from the side where I could see the impression and cut it out with an Xacto knife. The rest of my process looked the same.
    I'm really pleased with how it came out and was glad that my son could contribute.


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