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DIY Girl and Doll Matching Shirts: Silhouette CAMEO Tutorial (Guest Post by Olivia, 8)

I'm handing the blog over to my 8 year old daughter, Olivia, today so she can share one of her fun kid-friendly Silhouette CAMEO tutorials with you...again!  This time Olivia's back to share a tutorial on how to make a DIY matching doll shirt from any 'big girl' shirt!

make DIY matching girl doll shirts Silhouette CAMEO

Olivia just started third grade and wrapped up her tutorial before the end of summer! She completed everything from the project to typing up the Silhouette CAMEO tutorial with very limited help from me (except for the heat press part)!

Easy Silhouette CAMEO projects kids beginners

Hi ,it's olivia and today i`m going to do the tutorial on making a matching shirt for my doll.   I got this shirt for my birthday and I wanted my American Girl to have one too.  When I turned 6 my mom got the doll shirts to make coloring book style shirts for my birthday and she still had one left over!

Silhouette cameo print and cut doll girl shirt matching tutorial

So first, you take a picture of the shirt you are using. Then, send it to yourself (by email) and download the picture to your computer

Then, open Silhouette Studio and go to 'file' and then 'open' and find the picture you saved.

The picture will be very big so to make it smaller click on it and  pull the corner box  in.

resize jpeg image in silhouette studio tutorial
Trace your design with the trace box then press 'trace and detach'.  My mom said this will take the flower off the shirt.

Silhouette CAMEO tracing tutorial print and cut

Then measure your mini shirt on how big you want your design to be.

Go into Silhouette Studio and size your design again so it will fit on the shirt

Then flip the design (right click and flip horizontally) because you need it to backwards to put on the shirt.

Then add your registration marks for print and cut (if you click "M" they come on).

Then press the print tool and print your design on your printer.  We printed on Jet Pro Soft Stretch printable heat transfer.

After that put it on your cutting mat and cut it (my mom has the best cut settings in this Silhouette tutorial for printable heat transfer).

Silhouette CAMEO tutorial beginners kids
Silhouette CAMEO print and cut project ideas beginners

Then remove the extra and put your design on your shirt...

Press it on the heat press. My mom helped me with this part. 

Then when it cools down peel off the paper part on the back.

Now you're all done!

Use printable heat transfer material matching girl and doll shirts Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait

If you liked Olivia's Silhouette CAMEO tutorial for beginners and kids, be sure to check out her first guest blog post where she shared how to put heat transfer vinyl on a camera strap!

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  1. Replies
    1. Fantastic job, Olivia. I hope you have more tutorials in the future!

    2. Thanks. She has lots of fun doing them!

  2. Awesome tutorial Olivia!! I will have to find the T's and give this a try!! TFS!!

  3. Great Job!!! I think you have a very good teacher (your mom)!

  4. Great Job!! I love this idea and you gave excellent instructions.
    Thank you Olivia.

  5. Your instructions were very clear. You did a great job. Would love to see your American Girl doll wearing her new shirt!

  6. So Cute! Thank You for the tutorial.

  7. You did great Olivia; how about a picture of you and your American doll together wearing your shirts.

  8. Well done Olivia, such a pretty young lady learning well from her Mum.

  9. The cutest things ever, both the tutorial (excelent one, btw) and the shirt! Thanks, Olivia!

  10. Well done Olivia, that was a fantastic tutorial.

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  12. Great job Olivia! Both your shirts are cute and I'm impressed that you made one for your doll.

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  14. Olivia, great job! I will have to use these instructions to make matching shirts for my 3 granddaughters American Girl dolls! (And one is also a gymnast!)

  15. Good job, Olivia! I have a lovely little granddaughter who loves her American Girl dolls and gymnastics. I bet she will love working on a shirt like this! Thanks for sharing a great project! (Grammy Peg)


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