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Calling All Opiniated Silhouette Crafters!!!

Usually on Fridays we give away a free Silhouette design cut file, but this week we're taking a break from that to ask for your opinion.

In a couple of weeks I'll be headed to Salt Lake City to meet with the executive Silhouette America team.  Over the last six years since launching Silhouette School Blog I have been able to remain 100% independent which has always been soooo important to me. It allows me to really just call it like I see it.

Sometimes you're not happy with me for it ("Melissa we wanted you to push for a 24" Silhouette CAMEO Pro, not a 20" Pro!!).  Sometimes Silhouette's not happy with me ("Why did you say you don't like the 14.6" cutting mat for the 15" CAMEO Plus?"). And sometimes the retailers aren't too happy with me ("Fine. We'll risk not being first to ship and hold the 3mm Kraft Blade in the warehouse for several more days until you can figure it out and write up a tutorial to at least help people use it").

For the record, I am fine with not being Nutella and therefore not being able to make everyone happy.

My goal will always be centered on the crafters. More specifically on teaching you how to use your Silhouette machines and the Silhouette Studio software so you grow to love it whether to advance your crafting or grow your small business.

In recent years - whether it's due to my transparency with you, the consumer hat I continue to wear, the behind the scenes access I've landed or the trust I've gained from you and the entire rest of the Silhouette food chain -  I recognize I have become somewhat of a liaison between the crafters, the retailers/ distributors, the manufacturer (all the way through beta testing, sales, marketing, product development, software engineers and up to execs).  

I have to be honest, it's pretty amazing to be able to see, participate in, and at times influence conversations from this seat.

So today I'm asking you to help me help you.  Take a few minutes to answer this survey so when I sit around the table at Silhouette headquarters again in a couple weeks I'll be able to tell them what I KNOW directly from you, not what I THINK I know.

Please keep in mind my conversations for this specific meeting will be centered and focused on a few specific topics. That's why this survey is not all encompassing.  For example, the software conversation is on the table...and has been going on since the CAMEO 4 launched with what I will always believe was lackluster beta testing.  I know you want a CAMEO 3 rotary blade (technologically not possibly).  I know you want the Silhouette Studio mobile app back (will bring it up). And I know some of you think the Silhouette CAMEO 3 needs to make a return (I'm leading the charge on that one!!!)

The last time we did a big Silhouette School survey was almost two years ago and it solidified the CAMEO Plus and CAMEO Pro so let's do it again...we can influence change for the crafters!

If the survey has trouble leading please click here.

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  1. You spelled "Opinionated" incorrectly.

  2. Thank you for allowing your followers to have a voice!

  3. Thankyou for all you provide to us Silhouette to's, designs, possibilities! I really appreciate your time and knowledge as it has helped me GREATLY in my small business!! God bless you!

  4. Really, a misspelling? Who cares! Melissa, most of us could not use the Silhouette machines without relying on all of your knowledge. Thank you for all the effort you put into learning all of this stuff and sharing for FREE! Keep up the good work, we need you!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I own a Cameo 3 and love it. I have no intention of purchasing the Cameo 4. For every post from people who like it, I see several from people who want to throw out it the window. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. And that would be me throwing it out the window!! I do so miss my Cameo 3!!

  7. I am learning how to use my Machine and I am thankful for your blogs. I completed the survey. Hope this helps all of us.

  8. My cameo 3 rollers won't stay locked and destroys everything about 3 mats in so I use my cameo 2

  9. Did any designs to use with fabric and the rotary cutter come with the Silhouette 4? I haven't found them. That was a great thing that came with the Cricut Maker.

  10. I tend to notice grammar and usage errors more than spelling, since spelling is a weakness for me. BUT as others said I am soooooo grateful for the work you do for us. I don't want to discourage you by insisting on correct spelling etc. As long as I understand what you are saying, we are good!!!!!!!

  11. As much as i want the new cameo. I cant bring myself to purchase it as I still havent taken my curio out the box, well technically i did take it out and put it right back in a couple days later. I love my cameo 2 & 3 too much.


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