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Silhouette Rotary or Kraft Blades Not Cutting? Here's the Fix

If you have one of Silhouette's new specialty tools and it's not cutting it could as simple as turning off a safety feature.

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The Silhouette CAMEO 4 Rotary Blade and 3mm Kraft Blade, along with the 2mm Kraft Blade (for Curio, CAMEO 3, CAMEO 4, and Portrait 2) all have this same feature.

The three specialty blades have a built in safety feature to prevent users from cutting themselves when storing or handling the tools.  The cap on the end of each of these tools comes - out of the package - twisted far enough down so it fully covers the blade/rotary wheel.

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If you were to run your finger over the bottom of the tool when the safety tap is enabled you would not touch the blade.

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However, if you are not aware of this and then go to cut with the tool you will not cut your material due to the blade or wheel not extending beyond the cap.  Before you cut you need to twist the cap so the blade is exposed.

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This is mostly a "problem" with the rotary blade as there is no blade depth when using this tool. The 2mm and 3mm kraft blades do have the built in safety cap but because you need to twist with tool to change the blade depth it's less likely you'll run into this issue.

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  1. Is the rotary blade user replaceable without having to replace the entire cartridge? On the cricut I just swap out the blades.


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