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Silhouette CAMEO 4 Rotary Blade: List of Materials Rotary Blade Can Cut (Video)

The new Silhouette Rotary Blade for the CAMEO 4 is total game changer. When paired with the power and increased force of the high pressure carriage, it can easily cut materials that were never possible before - especially without stabilizer and a few choice words.

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So what materials can the Silhouette Rotary Blade cut? I've been testing pretty much any material I can get my hands on and have come up with a Silhouette rotary blade materials list!  It's definitely not exhaustive...and I'll continue to add to it!

What Materials Can the Silhouette Rotary Blade Cut?

All of the of the following materials were cut unbonded (without stabilizer) using the Silhouette Rotary Blade. With additional force options - expected in future releases of Silhouette Studio - and a strong hold cutting mat, even thicker thicker materials are also very likely to be able to be cut.

Acrylic Felt 

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, felt, smart tool dual carriage

Thin Cotton Fabric

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, cotton fabric, cameo 4 tools

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, cotton fabric, cameo 4 tools

Thick Cotton Fabric

Flannel Cotton

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, flannel cotton, cameo 4 tools

Faux Leather

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, faux Leather, leather earrings


Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, tulle, cameo 4 tools


Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, denim, cameo 4 tools

Tissue Paper

Cameo 4, silhouette rotary blade, rotary blade, cotton fabric, smart tool dual carriage

As a reminder, the Silhouette Rotary Blade can only be used in the Silhouette CAMEO 4.

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  1. With Black Friday coming up.... is it for sure that these specialty blades will fit the, yet to be released, Silhouette CAMEO Plus? If there are specials - I'd like to get the accessories now and wait for the machine to be released.

  2. Looks like the 4 doesn't use Registration Marks

    1 is that right?
    2 How does it know where the material is and where to cut?
    3 What does that mean for your mat and its position on the feed in?
    4 What does that mean when you are using the design software and the positioning of your design on the mat?
    5 can you use a smaller mat e.g. a Portrait mat?

    I've nearly bought one of these in my head but it looks like taking cutting to another level!
    Still using my Craft Robo with software 2.9.106d and I can do everything I need with this apart from cutting thicker material.

  3. I thought the rotary blade was supposed to be used for crepe paper - however the default settings don't seem to be set to use the rotary blade in silhouette studio. Do you think that SS is still figuring out their settings for the different materials? I have the most up to date software.


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