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Silhouette 2mm Kraft Blade: What Materials Can You Cut

The 2mm Silhouette Kraft Blade is now available on pre-order ... but what materials can you cut with the Kraft Blade?

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The 2mm Kraft Blade can be used in the Silhouette CAMEO 3, Curio, Portrait 2 and the Silhouette CAMEO 4's left carriage (with the tool adapter) to thick materials. 

I have been testing the 2mm Kraft Blade and am excited with the materials it can cut!  The 2mm Kraft  Blades are come as a 2 pack. Depending on what you are cutting, expect they could dull fast.

Below is a list of materials you can cut with the 2mm Silhouette Kraft Blade.  This is of course not an exhaustive list and I will continue to add to it.

Please note this 2mm Kraft Blade can NOT be used in the right, high pressure carriage, of the CAMEO 4. Only the 3mm Kraft Blade can be used in the right CAMEO 4 tool carriage.

Craft Foam 

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Acetate Sheets 

silhouette kraft blade, cameo 3 tools, cameo 4 tools, speciality blades, Acetate Sheets

Balsa Wood 

silhouette kraft blade, cameo 3 tools, cameo 4 tools, speciality blades, Balsa Wood

(Unlined) Cork Sheets

silhouette kraft blade, cameo 3 tools, cameo 4 tools, speciality blades, Cork Sheets

(Lined) Burlap Sheets 

 Not 100% satisfied with how the burlap sheets cut, but it is possible.

silhouette kraft blade, cameo 3 tools, cameo 4 tools, speciality blades, burlap

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  1. I'm just wondering do you know if the 20 inch machine will have the rotary and craft blade option. I have a cameo 3 and don't want to upgrade unless I can get the 20 inch with the blades.

    1. maybe this will help:

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa! I have been watching out for this -- you never disappoint!!

  3. Will this cut the thicker (2mm, I think) faux leather (sold by Tuparka on Amazon)?

  4. Any idea when this new blade will be available? Right now Swing Design is only taking preorders.

  5. Can this blade be used in the Silhouette 2, it looks similar to the regular blade.

  6. Can I please know where the acrylic sheet was purchased at because I had gotten plexiglass from the home depot and I tried to cut it 20 plus cuts and it wouldn't even cut through all the way with my maker. I have a silhouette 3 so I am anxious to know where that was purchased please!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I’m thinking of getting a Silhouette but I can’t decide if I should get a 3 or 4..... HELP

  9. Can it cut a vinyl record? I have yet to find the answer to this question.

  10. Can you please let me know how thick the acetate is? Can this be used in the led light bases?

    1. This is going to be a thinner more flexible acetate than you would normally use in LED light bases.

  11. how to avoid additional cutting lines when using kraft blade 3mm?


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