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Silhouette Studio for 20" Graphtec CE Lite 50 Available Now for Download

Silhouette Studio will now run Graphtec CE Lite 50....and the software is free.

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The release of Silhouette Studio V4.3.240 marks the first time the Silhouette software will directly cut to a cutting machine other than a Silhouette cutter.

AND right now you can $100 off with a special deal I landed you guys which brings the Graphtec CE Lite Bundle down to $799!  Read to the end for the details!

To download Silhouette Studio for the 20" Graphtec CE Lite 50, go to the Silhouette America software page. You must download V4.3.240 or later and then install it on your computer to have CE Lite cutting abilities.

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The basic Silhouette software is free, but optional one time paid upgrades to unlock additional features are available just like they are for Silhouette users.

If you do decide to upgrade to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition (and I highly recommend you go straight to Business Edition to unlock all feature including  export as SVG, JPEG, PNG and PDF), you'll need to purchase a license key and install it through the Silhouette Studio Help menu.  Silhouette Studio software updates are released from time to time and when they are sometimes new features become available. You do not need to purchase another license key for any future features, you will have automatic access to all few features going forward.

The lowest price Silhouette Studio software upgrades are typically found at Swing Design - they also come with a free digital guide to help you learn how to use the features.

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Silhouette Studio Upgrade Features List: Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition

Here's a list of Silhouette Studio software upgrade features and comparisons so you can decide.
Clicking on any of the "Features" will take you to Silhouette School tutorials on that feature.

Feature Designer Edition Designer Edition Plus Business Edition
Object Warp x x x
Font Glyph x x x
Warp x x x
Trace By Color x x x
Layers in Silhouette Studio x x x
Import SVG/GSD/DXF x x x
Add Custom Fill Patterns x x x
Advanced Knife Tool x x x
Advanced Eraser Tool x x x
Custom Rhinestone Designs x x x
Select Objects by Color x x x
Advanced Sketch Tools x x x
Nesting Tool x x x
Transfer Properties x x x
Shear Tool x x x
Shadow Tool x x x
Improved Rulers and Grids x x x
Freehand Lasso Select x x x
Warp Template x x x
Editable Warp Text x x x
Flexi Shapes
x x
Puzzle Generator
x x
Advanced Rhinestone Features
x x
Conical Warp
x x
Import Embroidery Files
x x
Digital Font Creation

Handwritten Font Creation

Edition Toggle

Material Usage Monitor

Multiple Undo/Redo


Cut with Multiple Machines

Auto Weeding Lines

Tiling Tool

Advanced Nesting

Ability to Open AI and Corel Draw Files


Keep in mind, all Silhouette School Blog software tutorials apply to Graphtec CE Lite machines as well as Silhouette CAMEOs and Portrait machines - as the software is the same for all of the cutting machines. 

Alright now I promised you a $100 off code for the Graphtec CE Lite so here it is. You can use the code "CELITE100" through this link til September 30, 2019 to save! 

This will bring the 20" Graphtec machine bundle down to $799 AND you'll also get the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software upgrade free. 

 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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  1. Hi - will you be doing a video on this product?

  2. Is the version that works with the Graphtec in Beta only? That is all I see on the website.

  3. I already bought the Graphtec, can you please do a video on how to set up the machine.

  4. Melissa, how does the Graphtec CE Lite compare to the Cameo 20" that will be coming out soon? Pretty close to the same? WAY different? We need your expert advice!

  5. Thank you, I've been waiting for this since I first got the Graphtec CE Lite. Silhouette Studio is great software and will make the CE Lite preform like a larger Cameo now.

  6. I'm wondering two things - how is the software communicating with the Graphtec? If it communicates with one Graphtec, it might be possible to make it talk to all of them. Next question - does the new 20" Pro have servo motors or steppers? I love my older bigger Graphtec, but the wife loves her Cameo, and does a ton of designs in it. I can easily export them over, but it would be nice to get her a smaller machine than my 120.

  7. If I already own Silhouette Business edition, do I have to repurchase?

  8. The new cameo 4 looks amazing!! I have the original so I’d love an upgrade!! Especially love the roller feed and cutting on the back option! So handy!! Love watching all your great tips!! Thanks

  9. i have a silhouette cameo i have the business edition if i got the new one would i have to start over or is the business edition transferable to new machine patterns etc


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