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How to Easily Crop Photos in Silhouette Studio

Did you know you can crop photos right in Silhouette Studio?! 

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It's nothing more than a few clicks which means it's super easy and fast. This Silhouette Studio tutorial will show you exactly how to crop photos in the Silhouette software. 

The first thing you want to do is open your image in Silhouette Studio. For this example I'm working with a styled craft mock up photo of a tote bag from So Fontsy's May SVG and Font Bundle

After downloading the design onto your computer, you can drag and drop the jpeg right into the Design area in Silhouette Studio. 

It's common for mock up photos to have a lot of "white space". This is the area are the edge that we are going to crop off so when we use this for a mock up photo the focus is more on the design we are going to put on the bag. 
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Keep in mind, even if you're not working on mock up photos, but want to crop down the background of another image, this process works.

Okay before you begin the cropping process, if you are working on a mock up, bring in the design to the same work area. You can drag and drop it or you can use the File > Merge option.  This one is also from So Fontsy's May Bundle.

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Size the design, position, and fill the design with whatever color you wish.

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It's already looking good, but if we were to put this on our website or share on social media, the design itself would be relatively small because of the overall size of the photo.  Instead, if we crop off some of the white area from the sides, we can more easily see and focus on the design.

To crop a photo you want to double click it to get the edit points.  A photo should only have four edit points - one on each corner. The shaded area below is what we are going to crop off.

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With the edit points showing, use your mouse to click one of the corner edit points. Then hold down SHIFT while you select another edit point along the same edge.

Continue holding down SHIFT while you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the edit points in. In this case I am using the left arrow key. To make smaller movements, just tap the arrow key without hold down Shift.

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Once you've cropped that side, click off the image so no edit points are selected. Now select two more edit points and repeat the process with another arrow key in another direction.

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After you've cropped down the photo in Silhouette Studio you can export it as a JPEG or PNG. Select both the photo and the design on top and from the File menu click Save Selection > Save to Hard Drive. 

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Decide where you want the image saved on you computer and rename it if you want before clicking "Ok."

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Now you can use your beautiful mockup craft photo to show off the beautiful tote bags you're offering for sale in your shop. This one specifically would be perfect as a last minute Teacher Appreciation gift or End of School year teacher gift.

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  2. Why would you go to all that trouble when you can just pull up a square around it, move it to where you want and then crop it?


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