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Make Photo Coasters with Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Grab yourself some Silhouette temporary tattoo paper and let's make DIY photo coasters on tile. 

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Temporary tattoo paper is is amazingly versatile and can be used on wood and stone tiles!  I have always loved photo coasters and the Silhouette temporary tattoo paper is perfect for this application.

How to Set Up Coaster Designs in Silhouette Studio

Start by measuring the tile coaster  - mine are 4x4. In Silhouette Studio use the Draw a Rectangle or Draw a Rounded Rectangle tool to draw out a square in the same size.

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How to Fill a Shape with a Photo in Silhouette Studio

Now you want to fill the shape with a photo. You will need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to import your own photos as patterns. 

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, patterns

If you're not sure how to do that you can follow this blog post to import your own custom patterns including photos. If you really don't want to get Designer Edition this blog post explains how to add a photo as a fill pattern without Silhouette Studio Designer Edition..but you will be more limited. 

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How to Set Up Print and Cut Page in Silhouette Studio

Because we are printing and cutting these on the tattoo paper, we need to mirror the images. Select the designs > right click > Flip Horizontally.

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, print and cut

Now it's time to set up the page. From the Page Setup panel select "Printer." Make sure your photo coaster designs are inside the safe printing and safe cutting borders. Click "M" on your keyboard to turn on the registration marks. 

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, print and cut

How to Print on Temporary Tattoo Paper 

Place a sheet of the white temporary tattoo paper in your printer.

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The more dull side is the back. Make sure you orient the paper so the other side will be printed on.  

Once it's finished printing, wait a few minutes to ensure the ink is dry.

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Grab the green sheet that's included with the tattoo sheets and remove the clear side from the green backing. 

Place the clear sheet over the printed tattoo sheet.

silhouette cameo, silhouette tattoo paper, silhouette tattoos, print and cut photos

Place the two layered temporary tattoo sheet onto your Silhouette cutting mat and load into your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.

How to Print and Cut Temporary Tattoos with Silhouette CAMEO

In Silhouette Studio's Send panel, make sure you have selected Silhouette Temporary Tattoo sheets as the material type and adjust the cut settings and the blade. 

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, print and cut

Send the design to cut.

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, print and cut

When the photo have finished cutting, remove them from the cutting mat. 

How to Make Photo Coasters with Temporary Tattoo Sheets

Carefully peel away the clear sheet from the photo which should now be sticky.

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Place the photo face down onto the tile coaster.

tattoo paper, photo coasters, tile coasters, fill shape, print and cut

Place a wet washcloth on top of the entire coaster and printed tattoo and apply even and firm pressure for about 30 seconds. 

Peel away the paper backing leaving the temporary tattoo transfer behind.

photo transfer tile coaster, silhouette cameo temporary tattoo, photo coasters, tile coasters, print and cut

Be careful as the temporary tattoo material is slightly sticky and stretchy until it completely dries.

How to Seal DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Let the photo dry for about 24 hours.  Then seal the coasters with Mod Podge to protect the temporary tattoo photo from water and use.

silhouette cameo photo, mod podge project, seal photos, seal vinyl

Use a paint brush or a sponge brush to event apply the Mod Podge.  Let it dry and then apply a second coat.

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Once the Mod Podge has dried, it will be clear. This should protect the photo transfer from any dampness or condensation from a glass that's placed on it.

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Note: You might want to add some foam, cork or rubber bumpers to the back side of the coasters to keep them from scratching the surface where they are placed.

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