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Trick for Sizing and Placing Vinyl and HTV Decals on Blanks

If you own a Silhouette cutting machine, it's pretty likely that you've bought a 'blank' in your crafting day.

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Blanks are items that are ready to be customized usually with vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. Sometimes the biggest struggle is appropriately sizing the decal to fit on the blank. So today I thought I'd shared my secret for making sure you not only cut the perfect size vinyl or HTV decals for your blanks - but also that you hit a homerun on placement!
I am working with a couple of baseball-themed blanks from My Vinyl Direct. I have a canvas baseball tote bag, a garden flag and an etched baseball acrylic keychain.  These blanks are oh-so-adorable, but since they're not completely blank - they come with the red baseball threads - I need to figure out the best placement, design, and size for each of these blanks.

To get started, take a picture of your blank. Try to make sure as many wrinkles are out of the item as possible by ironing it.  The first picture I took of the baseball tote was a wrinkled mess...

baseball tote bag, baseball blanks, heat transfer vinyl blanks, things to sell I stuck it in the heat press for 30 seconds to press out the wrinkles and took another picture.

silhouette studio mock ups, silhouette studio photos, importing photos to silhouette studio

Now email yourself the pictures of the items. Open the email on your computer and download the images to your desktop. 

Open up Silhouette Studio and then open up the photos of your blanks. You can do this by going to File > Open and navigating to the downloaded image.

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Once the photo is in Silhouette Studio it will probably be pretty large. Select the photo and grab onto the corner nodule with your mouse. Resize the image so it's more manageable to work with.

Now you can either create or open a design. (To open a design in the same work area go to File > Merge and then find the design to open.) I am working with this set of baseball mom designs - also from My Vinyl Direct. I can't decide which one I want to use so I open them all up in the same work area as the picture of my tote.

silhouette cameo designs, silhouette studio designs, baseball designs

By ungrouping the set of designs (right click > ungroup) I can move one of the designs on top of the picture of my tote.

TIP: Use the Fill Color tool to fill in the designs using the same color HTV (or vinyl) as I will be cutting on.  I also like to change the line color to 'transparent' or to match the fill color. 

Adjust the sizing of the designing and play around with the placement until you get it how you like it.

silhouette studio mock ups, silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo designs, baseball

You can make multiple copies of the photo of the customizable blank so you can decide which design and layout you like best. On a few of them I added elements - like the baseball player's number.

designing layouts, silhouette studio, htv, heat transfer vinyl

Once I decided which design, size, and layout I liked best, I measured the actual blank. In this case the baseball tote is: 20.5" x 16.5".  In Silhouette Studio I used the Draw a Rectangle tool to draw out a rectangle with those same dimensions.

Silhouette studio sizing designs, silhouette studio decals, htv, sizing, placement

Then I adjusted the size of the image (grouped with the design) to (approximately) the same size as the rectangle (outline bolded green to make it easier for you to see). This helps make sure my heat transfer vinyl design is the appropriate size when it's cut.

When you have everything sized, you can delete the image and the rectangle and just keep the design to be cut. Don't forget to mirror the image before cutting.

silhouette studio designs download baseball mom cut edge

Here's the finished baseball tote bag with customization.

blank canvas baseball tote, htv blanks, blank tote bags wholesale

I used the same process for the garden flag.

baseball blanks, baseball vinyl blanks, baseball htv blanks, garden flags

What this mock up/design process helped me realize for this baseball garden flag design was that I really needed to add an offset if I was going to have the black HTV cover the baseball threads on the flag. 

The offset makes the black design pop and not get lost on the threads.

silhouette studio mock ups, silhouette cameo mock ups, silhouette mockups

Without laying out the design like this in Silhouette Studio first, I probably wouldn't have realized until I had already cut and applied the single layer of black HTV - and by then it would have been too late.  Here's the garden flag with the layered HTV applied!

baseball themed blanks silhouette studio cut files

The great thing about these blanks is you can really customize them however you want - or however your customers want.
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If customers can't make up their mind on layout or customization, send a few screen grabs of your Silhouette Studio mock ups to help them 'see' their options before you actually create it.

monogram silhouette cameo baseball tote

And while I'm on a baseball kick here - I also picked up this 3" Etched Baseball acrylic from My Vinyl Direct. It came pre-etched with the threads so all I had to do was cut the HTV and apply!

acrylic blanks, htv, glitter htv, glitter heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer vinyl read that right, I cut glitter heat transfer vinyl and heat pressed HTV onto the blank acrylic keychain.

etched baseball keychain, acrylic baseball blanks, acrylic baseball keychain

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  1. I hit a snag with my canvas baseball tote. I am guessing my heat setting was to high because whatever material was behind the canvas shrunk and cause my blank tote to wrinkle. What heat setting should I use for my press and what other options are there to prevent this from happening to other totes? Can you please respond to Thank you.


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