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Free Light Switch Skin Template (Silhouette Studio File Download)

Ain't no body got time for boring light switch overs! Am I right? If you want to give your light switch covers a makeover by adding a vinyl skin I'm sharing a free download!

Here's the thing philosophy with Silhouette School has always been to 'teach a woman to fish' so I really want to give you an understanding of how to create custom templates like this!

The secret is the Silhouette Pixscan mat. I put together a quick video for you so you can gain a basic understanding of how to make templates.

I've used the same process to create templates for my Silhouette CAMEO touch screens, a vinyl skin for my Silhouette Mint (I'll be sharing the cut file next week on the blog)), and even a fabric cover for my Mint!!

The more you play with this process, the easier it will become! I thought I'd give you a head start by offering the light switch template as a free Silhouette Studio file download.  So go on over and grab it - but please remember not to resize it or it won't fit. Also if you want to share - we'd love that - just please share a link back to this post not to the file itself or the Dropbox.

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  1. Darn, the video won't play for me. But thank you for the cut file and the article. Some great ideas!

  2. i have tried several times, the video will not play, anyone else having that problem?

  3. Nice!! Back in the day we use to use wallpaper for this trick. Probably still could. I have wall paper I'm going to try it!! Sweet Thank you for shaking the cobwebs up. LOL

  4. Where can I find the printed designed vinyl?

  5. Awesome!! just been working on room decor for my grandson and this took no time to put together!! (Hockey theme! ) Wow!

  6. Thank you for the file. I am not seeing the link to the video.

  7. I love this! Just wanted to point out you forgot the "c" in the word cover when you said, "Ain't nobody got time for boring light switch..."
    Thanks for this freebie


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