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What Silhouette Accessories to Buy With Your Tax Refund

It's either your favorite time of year or your least favorite time of year. I hope you're on the favorite time of year side: the time you get a tax refund! Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans get a refund and the average tax refund is $2800 according to the IRS!?

Silhouette cameo bundle best cameo bundle silhouette cameo amazon, tax refund

I don't know about you, but my craft habit could really do some damage with that!  Since I get asked a lot about what types of Silhouette products I love and which accessories I can't live without I thought it would be fun to show you what I'd do if I used 20% of the average tax refund on craft supplies! (Let's be honest - no one is blowing their full tax refund on craft supplies...but if they are I need to be friends with them).'s what I'd spend $560 on...

Oracal Vinyl and Sister HTV bundle - $48.68 

A great way to start off your vinyl and htv collection or the perfect way to ramp it back up in a hurry. I especially love this bundle because it comes with the vinyl color swatch sheet! 

The vinyl and htv bundle will set you back $48.68, leaving you with a total of $511.32 remaining

best vinyl bundle oracal siser bundle silhouette cameo beginners

Heat Press or Wide Format Printer $209-$214

Now this one you have to pick between two high price 'must haves.' You can get the heat press for $209 or the wide format printer for $214.

I already have a heat press, so I'd go with the wide format printer...but if you already have a printer (even a standard size printer) and have been getting by with an iron - jump on the heat press!

If you go with the heat press you'll have $302.32 remaining
If you opt for the wide format printer $297.32 remaining

best heat press for silhouette cameo silhouette  cameo heat press vs iron do I need a heat presswide format printer silhouette cameo silhouette cameo best printer silhouette cameo print and cut 12 inches

An Assortment of Blanks: $5.49 - $14.99 
Stock up on blanks for gifts or a little something for yourself. I love these leather cuffs in two different sizes from My Vinyl Direct.

The skinny leather wrap bracelet is $5.49 and includes the disc which can easily be personalized with vinyl.  (SKIP THE SKINNNY WRAP IF YOU GOT THE WIDE FORMAT put you back on track!)

The wide leather cuff also comes in a bunch of pretty colors and is $5.99.

And who doesn't need a cute new Tru Temp bottle to keep their drinks either hot or cold. And at $14.99 the price is great!

Grab all three of the blanks and that'll set you back to $58.99 leaving you with $275.85 remaining. 

Customizable leather Jewelry blanks blank bracelets leather cuffvinyl personalization, monogrammable bracelets, leather cuff personalized, leather cuff blanks silhoeutte cameo

silhouette cameo vinyl tumblers silhouette blanks tumblers

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is a one time paid upgrade. Never have I met a Silhouette crafter who regretted purchasing Designer Edition.  It's worth every penny..and more.

Add Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to your shopping list and you'll have $247.86 remaining

silhouette studio designer edition vs standard silhouette studio designer edition

Hands down the best clear transfter tape I've used with adhesive vinyl. The Oracal brand transfer is the perfect combination of sticky to pick up the vinyl, but not overly sticky preventing the  vinyl from releasing.

Add 10' of Oracal Transfer Tape to your shopping list and you'll have $234.08 remaining.

best transfer tape oracal vinyl oracal 651 clear transfer tape grid

We keep hearing my first ecourse The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio eCourse is worth more than the $39.99 price tag. Of course think it's invaluable especially if you want to learn how to design your own files in Silhouette Studio.

Grab the Ultimate Silhouette Design Guide and that'll leave you with $194.09 still. 

silhouette cameo guides silhouette guides silhouette book silhouette help design in silhouette studio

Xyron - $42.60 

The Xyron Creative Station is one of my favorite complimentary accessories. It's the perfect way to add adhesive to your Silhouette die-cuts without the mess or the 'crinkle' liquid glue leaves you! 

Add it on to your Tax Refund Craft Shopping spree and you'll have $151.49 left!

silhouette cameo xyron sticker making machine

I don't know that there's a Silhouette combo bundle that makes more more happy than the mat combo!   With it you'll get a Silhouette Pixscan mat, a light tack mat for things like paper that are delicate and tend to rip when placed on a too-sticky cutting mat, and a regular Silhouette cutting mat.

The Silhouette mat bundle is totally worth the price tag and will set you back to $117.71. 
silhouette mat bundle silhouette pixscan mat silhouette light tack mat
A 6 Month Membership to Silhouette U - $53.95

You can still enjoy the discounted benefit of join Silhouette U at the reduced 6-month rate, but without going over your Tax Refund spending limit. Silhouette U members enjoy an array of benefits from 1:1 chat help, to a library of commercial use files, to video tutorials (we're now topping 50)for all skill levels (along with the hugely popular 'homework'), a Silhouette U members only ebook (free with membership), a private Facebook group, and much more!  Read all about the benefits of joining Silhouette U and see what our members are saying

Joining Silhouette U for six month will leave you with $63.76

silhouette u reviews silhouette u benefits silhouette u silhouette help silhouette tutorials silhouette videos silhouette tutors

If you're looking for printable vinyl that won't fade with time, handling or water...this inkjet printable vinyl with laminate is amazing!  You get everything you need in the start kit for under $20.

Grab the set and you'll still have $43.77 left to spend on your Tax Refund Shopping Spree.

best silhouette printable vinyl best printable vinyl silhouette cameo laminate

You can't go wrong with this double-sided tape. What more can I say than add it to your cart. You won't regret it.

You still have $38.13 left to spend...
silhouette cameo paper crafts tape double sided tape
With what you have left I'd suggest you grab the Amy Chomas Pen holder. It fits perfectly into all of the Silhouette cutting machines and will allow you to use any pen while using the sketch pen feature.

Once you grab the Amy Chomas Pen Holder now you're down to $11.64

silhouette cameo sketch pen adapter amy chomas review

With your last bit of tax refund left..there's nothing more you should get than a pack of Glue Gun finger protectors!! They're worth every digit at just $3.24.  

That leaves you with $8.40....

silhouette cameo glue gun craft gadgets

....which is enough to grab yourself an extra Silhouette Cutting Blade and have a few cents to spare!

silhouette cameo ratchet blades replacements silhouette portrait

Congrats on spending a little bit of that hard earned Tax Refund on yourself and your craft habit!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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  1. Tax refund... what's that??? Haven't seen one in years! I 😞 But love your suggestions and added a couple to my list!!!

  2. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing, I'm checking a couple of them out ;)


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